Wikileaks Confirms: Hillary Clinton is the Anti Marijuana Candidate


Wikileaks may just have made the 2016 election choice a little bit easier for millions of cannabis activists, entrepreneurs and employees all over the United States.

A recent Wikileaks publication includes an email to John Podesta, entitled “HRC Paid Speeches“, along with an attachment that contains an exchange between Mrs. Clinton and Ursula Burns at Xerox on 3/18/2014 where Hillary Clinton said she doesn’t support legalization of pot “in all senses of the word”:

If anyone has evidence that this information is not credible, please let me know.

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Nima is an entrepreneur and Bitcoin advocate who writes about economics and freedom. He was born and raised in Berlin and received his Master's degree in the US in 2004. He co-founded an auction software company in San Francisco and successfully sold it in 2015. (Twitter: @economicsjunkie)


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