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How women and men are exactly the same – except for when women are better!

Did that title trigger you? I hope so!

It’s a notion that is so nonsensical that it should trigger everyone; yet it’s an implication, or in some cases an explicit expression, that is very popular among the politically correct crowd – the modern radical feminists, PC leftists and the purveyors of social justice.

Before I go any further, I want to make very clear that there should be equal opportunity for people regardless of (in this case) gender. By equal opportunity I mean (for example) that if my daughter wanted to brave the life of a Navy Seal, and was willing to meet the current physical and mental requirements for entry, and accept the risks faced by a woman in combat situations, I think she should legally be allowed to do it, she should have equal opportunity, and I would support her choice in every possible way.

But I emphasised the word ‘current,’ because far too often the very purveyors of the equal outcome myth abandon their own philosophy in order to reach their utopian outcome. For example, they believe there should be X number of women in combat roles, in the name of equality, yet to fill those roles they enforce scaled-back physical requirements due to concerns of “fairness” (ironically violating the notion of lack of differences between the sexes) but in the process are weakening the structure as a whole. A structure which requires a certain standard of physical capability to perform.

Women should be allowed and encouraged to follow the path they want to take in life to the best of their ability, but the lowering of standards to appeal to the very real physical differences between men and women in the name of ensuring that we do away with the “socially constructed” differences between men and women, is philosophically unsound and frankly ridiculous.

There are natural differences between women and men.

Men and women have distinctive traits, abilities, and biological differences that are inherent to them, whether you believe that it is a result of evolution or of some kind of intelligent design, the result remains the same. They are unique differences, necessary differences and that should be celebrated (diversity… anyone?).

Our society needs the unique contributions of both, and it needs contributions of both the feminine and masculine across the spectrum, and while it’s great that people can live a lifestyle they choose, marry whom they choose, and have alternative options, the traditional contributions of the two biologically distinct entities of the human species are not something that needs to be done away with. In fact, we should be very careful when we try to socially construct a narrative that tries to do away with these differences.

You may point to the exception, to the woman who is stronger than the average man (which would only be due to her putting more time and work into her physical strength or abilities than her male counterpart) but those are the exception rather than the rule.

I am writing this because I believe the notions of equal opportunity and gender differences are not mutually exclusive. We can appreciate the areas in which men and women excel differently, the unique contributions and traits that men and women have.

We can appreciate the traits we share; we can appreciate where each gender tends to out do the other, and we can appreciate the very real differences.

We can appreciate mothers on Mother’s Day without bringing up how fathers also take care of kids – leave it alone, it’s Mother’s Day. The same applies to Father’s Day!

We should be able to talk about both sides without the insecure purveyors of PC culture pipping in to ensure we are being equally inclusive. Forget that garbage. We can enjoy the fact that women tend to do better in classrooms (and praise our daughters for their scholastic abilities) and at the same time discover how we can improve our boy’s scholastic abilities.

We can appreciate the physical prowess of our male athletes, and still be impressed by the prowess of our female athletes, all the while recognizing and being honest with ourselves about their differences.

Maybe that’s equivalent to the classroom setting, where women will always be dominant in that regard. I may be wrong on that, but it’s okay if I’m not. It’s okay to face facts and enjoy our differences.

We can praise, explore, and talk about the wonderful traits men have, and their contributions to society.

Men are better than women…

at some things; in the same way that women are better than men at some things.

Did you cringe at how the last sentence was worded? It was written that way to emphasize my point.  If reading that back with women as the topic wouldn’t have given the same effect then we really need to rethink our perception of the conversation around gender differences.

My point here is that whenever we find that something is taboo, for only one group of people or towards one group, then I believe it should be closely examined and tested.

If it’s okay for someone to discriminate against a man but not a woman – then something’s wrong with our way of viewing things. If it’s wrong to talk about wanting an entire ethnicity to die off, but it’s then okay to say it about another, then something is very wrong with that world view and you cannot claim to be a proponent of equality.

But let me know your thoughts in the comments. Am I right in my assertions? Let me know what you would add to the conversation, or in what ways I am totally off my rocker.

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Arthur Cleroux

Arthur Cleroux is an individualist who balances his idealism with a desire for an honest, logical and objective approach to politics and political issues. Originally Arthur found that his values aligned well with the political right; however as time went on his desire for transparency and honest discourse of ideas in the political realm led him closer and closer to the center of the political spectrum! He found that on either wing there was a strong and dangerous type of “groupthink”, where people supported unnecessary and even bad policies because of a need to conform to the party line. As an individualist with a strong understanding of the importance of what Ayn Rand called “the smallest minority on earth”, the individual; he finds himself falling very closely in line with the ideals of liberty. Arthur is a lot of things but more important than anything he is a father to two amazing children! Caring for them, making sure they know that they are now and always will be loved is his primary goal, and along with that, comes a desire is to raise them to be free thinkers, to question and study the world and why it is the way it is, and to have character and grit to do what is necessary to succeed!

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  • Matthew
    July 10, 2017

    Nature doesn’t even “believe” in equal opportunity. Only Men have penises, only women have vaginas. Only women can give birth, only men can produce semen. As a Man I will never have the opportunity to truly, actually be a woman, and vice versa.

    The ONLY reason I want someone hiring my daughter, my son, or me, is because the “Boss” think we wood be the “best fit” for the job. Sorry folks, but “best fit” doesn’t even always mean “best skilled worker”. Ya ever notice how SOME people with high skills are ass holes? That has zero effect in a team environment? Sorry, get your head outta your ass.

    There’s a ton of information to take into account when we make decisions like what human being we should add to our organization. The supreme idea being that this person should “Fit” into the organization and help keeping it running greater than or equal to current operation. If you bring in a skilled person but his attitude messes with morale….well…..is that equal operation? yadda yadda yadda, it goes on forever.

    In the end, I want the same thing as the founders appear to have wanted. Freedom of association……period. If you wanna discriminate against women! Have at it! Who knows, there MAY actually be a good fucking reason. I know, shocker. But that’s just the way this cookie crumbles. Saying that we need to “ensure equal opportunity” is retarded. It’s not feasible. We can certainly aim to help people get access when certain variables put them at an “unfair disadvantage”, but it’s not my, or anyone else’s responsibility in life to make sure everyone has the SAME set of opportunities. You’re as bad as the socialists if you think that.

    Just leave people the fuck alone and let THEM decide. That’s what it means to be libertarian. You have faith in humanity, and that people will, I’ve seen it, slowly but surely reason themselves over to the side of doing what’s right. It can take time, of course, but time is all we got while we’re floating around aimlessly on this rock 😉

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