WWE’s Kane Runs For Mayor


Best known for lighting people on fire and chokeslaming his enemies, World Wresting Entertainment’s Glenn Jacobs, better known as Kane, sets his sights on the political ring to run for Knox County mayor, according to the Associated Press.

Standing at 6’9 and weighing over 324lbs, The Devil’s Favourite Demon had a successful 22-year career in the WWE. Known for his immense size, strength, and athleticism, Jacobs became a main attraction and won his first world championship by defeating Steve Austin in June of 1998.

Outside of the world of wrestling, Jacobs and his wife own and operate Jacobs Insurance Associates, LLC, offering auto, business, flood, home, life, and motorcycle insurance.


The successful businessman and entertainer’s bid for mayor is sure to excite libertarians. Jacobs is actively involved in libertarian politics, supporting Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, is a member of the Free State Project, and spoke at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum and the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

In an interview with Fox Business, Jacobs cited Harry Browne, Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard, and Mary Ruwart as influences on his political thinking. The former world champion also cited the non-aggression principle as his guiding principle.

In an interview with Tom Woods, Jacobs elaborated, “Then I realized that it really is a philosophy that we’re talking about, you know — the nonaggression axiom, that the government should be bound by the same moral laws that the rest of us are. Once you realize that, you’re like, ‘Oh!’ Your entire world opens up, and then your entire paradigm changes.”

In the interview he also indicated that he believes taxation is theft.

Many will recall Jesse Ventura also ran a successful campaign for Governor of Minnesota, who also endorsed Gary Johnson’s presidential campaign and self-identifies as a libertarian.

When asked about other wrestlers’ views on Murray Rothbard Jacobs responded, “The thing about it is we’re independent contractors, we have to pay our own taxes, when you have to write a check out to the IRS every three months, certainly you find religion very quickly.”

He outlined his view of economics in a lecture found on YouTube:

Photo Source: WWE.com

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