France to Release Anti-terror Forces On Yellow Vest Protests

Yellow Vest Protests

For the past 18 weeks, the yellow vest protests have been ongoing over the weekends in the streets of France with the focal point being in Paris. These protests came as a result of President Macron implementing a tax on gasoline and ignited the “yellow vest protests” in France. The movement has since moved into neighboring nations as well as nations across the world to show as a symbol of resisting tyranny, oppression, and government.

With no real reforms being implemented as a result of the protests, the protests have focused on having demonstrations at landmarks in Paris which they deem as “elitist” landmarks in the city. As part of an ongoing security measure the French government called “project sentinel” following the Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack, the patrols around the city have moved to keep the protests safe and secure during their demonstrations.

This being the 18th week of the protests, the demonstrations escalated to the most violent they’ve been since the protests inception over three months ago. After last weekend, the French government fired the police chief of Paris for his failure to contain the situation. The damage done during the entire timeline of these protests has caused rising tensions and costly damages to businesses in Paris as well as in other major cities in France such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Nantes, and Nice.

On Wednesday, president Maron announced that he gave the order for anti-terror forces to be used during the next round of protests coming this weekend.

“The president has requested emergency measures to toughen the security by the armed forces,” Benjamin Griveaux, the spokesperson for the French Elysee Palace, said on Wednesday. The yellow vests, he said, “are not protesters, but rioters.” Alongside the deployment of the anti-terror force to protect official buildings, Griveaux announced that armed forces would start using surveillance drones and throw indelible, invisible liquid on protesters to mark them.

Soldiers mobilized for Saturday’s planned Yellow Jacket protests will operate under strict instructions, but could open fire if their lives or the lives of civilians are threatened, General Bruno Leray, military governor of Paris, said Friday.

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Amos Joseph

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