Why You’re Not A ‘Democratic’ Nor A ‘Libertarian’ Socialist


You may be reading this article because you’re a real full blown 100% capitalist libertarian and you wish to re-assert your own beliefs or you may be reading this article because one of your comrades has linked you here to put you in your place and let you know that no matter how much you want weed to be legalized – you are not a libertarian socialist, nor are you a democratic socialist.

Although many Communist countries have the word ‘democratic’ in their title, they lack both democracy and the much needed presence of Pinochet’s helicopter. Let me put it in big bold letters for you: CAPITALISM IS THE FULLEST EXTENT OF DEMOCRACY.

Before you pull your copy of Marxist ramblings out of your pocket and prop up your hammer-and-sickle flag, please just hear me out: In a capitalist society, one is able to pick and purchase products suited to their political interests,  be it vegan products, the dankest marijuana around or your choice of Chomsky or Rand when you click over to Book Depository.

The current state of democracy is a ruthless oligarchy that eliminates minor parties at best. So, in a society where people under the age of eighteen can’t vote, how do young people have a voice? How can you constantly voice your views and support those that support your interests?


In a Communist society you have no choice over what you as an individual get to consume and support; you are locked into what the majority wants. It completely negates individuality and the basis for success in the first place. The popular bakery got to where it is by being the best, the tastiest and the cheapest in a capitalist society.

So, now that we’ve sorted that out, my little commies, how about we move onto ‘libertarian socialism’? Let me begin: TAXATION IS THEFT.

Through the process of tax, you strip people of the individual liberty in their placement of currency. The way in which people spend their money should not be governed by men in suits ready to throw you in jail for not handing your money over. Forceful coercion used to take your money is theft. So how can you in any way claim to be ‘libertarian’ when you’re for men coming to throw you in a big cage if you don’t pay your taxes? You’re not a libertarian, you’re a voluntaryist.

Voluntaryism, might I add, is very unrealistic. You turn a government into a charity for people to donate to whenever they want to feel good. The government doesn’t quite have the appeal of a starving African child. The chances of people choosing to donate to the government and the chances of the government being able to run based on what very little funding they get.

Face it: Marxist ideals have never worked, with ‘The Black Book of Communism’ estimating ninety-four million deaths as a result of good intentions. The ‘good’ intentions of these ideals are also questionable. Is the theft of people’s wealth really a ‘good’ intention? Is theft good?

Face it. If you’re a socialist – you are not a libertarian and whatever grasp on ‘democracy’ you have is more in line with conformity than it is democracy. Democracy is choice.

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