Adam Barsouk

Adam Barsouk is a student of medicine, health policy and administration, and anthropology at the Pennsylvania State University-Jefferson Medical College accelerated BS/MD program. As a son of Soviet Jewish escapees, Adam values the opportunity and freedom that America has provided his family, and as a current cancer researcher at the University of Pittsburgh and an aspiring physician, hopes to share this commitment by liberating the infirm from the chains of chronic disease and suffering.

Adam has worked at the Pittsburgh City Council as well as at numerous research institutions, and has witnessed, first-hand, the suffering caused by a bureaucratic culture that squanders individuals ingenuity and values protocol and public perception over dignity and human well-being.  In his experiences in the clinic, Adam has seen the government takeover, and ensuing erosion, of American healthcare. Adam hopes to lead a restoration of free market principles and a return of personal responsibility to medicine through preventative medicine and lifestyle-modification incentives. Adam believes advances in genetics, and a stronger understanding of human existence, will be vital not only to the preservation of life, but also liberty.

Adam speaks 6 languages and has visited over 30 countries, taking in stories from relatives and strangers about the abuses of communism, fascism, and totalitarianism. He enjoys recounting his and his family’s experiences in a ceaseless defense, at home and abroad, of capitalism and freedom, inherent rights that mankind has rarely known.