Luke Henderson

Creativity and writing are in Luke W. Henderson’s blood whether it be music, words or marketing. As a lover of music, Luke had big dreams of either being a rockstar or the greatest thing since Beethoven and dedicated his undergraduate career to this pursuit. Luke wrote many works for chamber ensembles, soloists, and orchestras having pieces premiered by a variety of university and community ensembles. He also received multiple commissions including the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis and made his debut in film for Marc Nemcik’s documentary Lost Paradise which was shown twice at the New York Museum of Moving Image and the St. Louis International Film Festival.

Among the sleepless nights and many stressful weeks Luke discovered a love for writing after submitting his first article for publication. Beginning as a guest writer for Being Libertarian and a staff writer for the Libertarian Vindicator, Luke established a reputation as an uncompromising journalist, and a creative analyst. Eventually, he became a staff writer for Being Libertarian where he has written over 70 articles and columns. In 2019, he released his first published essays in Igniting Liberty: Voices For Freedom Around The World, a collection of libertarian ideas from contributors spanning four continents. Luke also has contributed to Think Liberty, St. Louis Public News and

Currently, Luke is a graduate student seeking his Master of Communications and serves as the Marketing Editor for Being Libertarian focusing on strategies and content development primarily for Champion Books.