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Editorial Board

Martin van Staden
Editor in Chief
Martin is the chief editor of Being Libertarian and its subsidiaries. A South African, Martin has a law degree and works at the Free Market Foundation, for which he has appeared on TV and radio. He is pursuing a Master of Laws in libertarian jurisprudence. For more:
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Dillon Eliassen
Managing Editor
Dillon is the Managing Editor of Being Libertarian as well as a published fiction author. He has published a novel called 'The Apathetic' and is working on his second book, 'The Reliable Narrator, or A Rom-Com of Epic Proportions'. He writes a weekly Thursday column called 'Shortcuts & Delusions.'
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Nathaniel Owen
Editor at Large
Nathaniel is Being Libertarian's Editor at Large, a writer and homeschooling advocate who typically addresses issues from an economic point of view. He is a member of the Goldwater Institute, a Friend of the Rare Book School at the University of Virginia, and a member of the Libertarian Party.
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Arthur Cleroux
Copy Editor
Arthur is Being Libertarian's Copy Editor. He has worked for both non-profits and for-profits on every continent around the world, including Asia and Africa, having served as Operations Coordinator for S.T.A.N.D. in Tanzania. Originally from the right, Arthur considers himself an individualist.
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Thomas J. Eckert
Copy Editor
T.J. is a Copy Editor for Being Libertarian. Self-taught through extensive reading, he is currently working towards a career in politics and publishing a book. His Saturday column addresses political and economic arguments while debunking common criticisms of libertarianism.
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Killian Hobbs
News Editor & Managing Editor: Think Liberty
Nicholas Woode-Smith
Managing Editor: Rational Standard
Adam Barsouk
Productions Editor
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John Engle
John Engle is a columnist at Being Libertarian and merchant banker living in the Chicago area. His company, Almington Capital, invests in both early-stage venture capital and in public equities. His writing has been featured in academic journals as well as the blogs of the Heartland Institute, Grassroot Institute, and Tenth Amendment Center.
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Danny Chabino
Danny Chabino is a columnist and businessman of 16 years. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in business management in 1993 from Oklahoma Christian University of Science and Arts, and spent one semester of school learning and taking classes in Europe. Danny maintains a Christian worldview, but believes morals and ethics should not be legislated.
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Brandon Kirby
Brandon Kirby is a philosopher, financial adviser, a founder of a local investment club, and he hosts regular symposiums in philosophy. He is also a member of Canada’s Libertarian Party. Brandon was galvanized and became interested in reversing cavalier attitudes and dismissal toward sound economic policy. He believes that a liberated future is worth pursuing like a thunderbolt.
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Nathan A. Kreider
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Alon Ganon
Alon Ganon is a Crypto-Anarchist who focuses on cyber rights and freedoms, and a minarchist in the non-cyber world. He is the Director of IT for the Libertarian Party of Ohio, and our Chief Technical Officer. He derives his libertarian beliefs of Minarchism from his studies of his Jewish religion. When not working on advocating for libertarianism, he is advocating for cryptocurrency, GNU/Linux, as well as Free, Libre, and Open Source Software.
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