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Editorial Board

Martin van Staden
Editor in Chief
Martin is chief editor of Being Libertarian as well as A South African, Martin has a law degree and is the Legal Researcher at the Free Market Foundation, for which he has appeared on TV and radio. He has served on the African Executive Board of Students For Liberty since 2015.
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Dillon Eliassen
Managing Editor
Dillon is the Managing Editor of Being Libertarian as well as a published fiction author. He has published a novel called 'The Apathetic' and is working on his second book, 'The Reliable Narrator, or A Rom-Com of Epic Proportions'. He writes a weekly Thursday column called 'Shortcuts & Delusions.'
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Nathaniel Owen
Editor at Large
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Arthur Cleroux
Copy Editor
Arthur is Being Libertarian's Copy Editor. He has worked for both non-profits and for-profits on every continent around the world, including Antarctica and Africa, having served as Operations Coordinator for S.T.A.N.D. in Tanzania. Originally from the right, Arthur considers himself an individualist.
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Micah Fleck
Opinion Editor
Micah is Being Libertarian's Opinion Editor, responsible for receiving and scheduling op-eds by staff and guest authors. He has been an active author at The Libertarian Republic and The Liberty Conservative. Micah is also a photographer, musician, and anthropologist studying at Columbia University.
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Nicholas Amato
News Editor
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