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Brandon Kirby is a philosopher, financial adviser, a founder of a local investment club, and he hosts regular symposiums in philosophy. He is also a member of Canada’s Libertarian Party.


"They will eloquently discuss new investments in healthcare without actually having improved healthcare, or health, for that matter. A practice that would be completely unacceptable to the builders, the people that must accomplish something, can be politically popular. The builders


"If someone isn’t taken seriously at work, scapegoating gender bias has the same impact. Some on the right will attribute it to affirmative action, while others on the left will attribute it to implicit gender bias in judgments. Heaven forbid


"Capitalism isn’t winning a war on poverty, it’s massacring poverty. The benefits aren’t being felt by all. Certainly not those utterly victimized by NATO’s foreign policy in Yemen and Libya, nor our power struggle with Russia in Syria. They’re completely


It’s a peculiar thing to talk with an intelligent, well-meaning, leftist. They generally want a better society and yet statistics on minimum wage are unmistakable, it’s devastating to the poor. Capitalism annihilates poverty - this is indisputable. Deficit spending is the most potent


Gary Cohn recently departed from the Trump administration in protest of their protectionism and diminishing stance on free trade for steel and aluminum - a policy that most of Trump’s advisors heavily advised against. Trump recently claimed that trade wars


Canada’s response to the Kardashians has his latest wave of fiascos. I’ve written previously on Trudeau’s questionable leadership competence; with his arms sales to Saudi Arabia, his tax from-the-poor and give-to-the-rich policy of carbon taxes and fossil fuel subsidies, and


Plagued with boredom and overconsumption of libations to do much else, I found myself on YouTube watching Bill Maher (this was two minutes ago).It was a particularly cringe-worthy video citing his love of JFK compared to Ronald Reagan - the

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