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Brandon Kirby is a philosopher, financial adviser, a founder of a local investment club, and he hosts regular symposiums in philosophy. He is also a member of Canada’s Libertarian Party.


"Trudeau was overwhelmed at the prospect of keeping his central campaign promise to address our democratic deficit. He now hides behind it. When pressed about his deficits he’ll make the unbearably light claim Canadians voted for them - when in


"The central argument for Scheer over Trudeau is that he says less embarrassing things. His rhetoric is superior to Trudeau's. I would like to submit that this is the worst argument possible for voting in favour of a particular politician,"


"We ought to free ourselves from the superstition that any politician is the Messiah. Government officials that can’t accomplish anything don’t deserve the vote. Politicians that promise the world but will predictably under-deliver have to be spotted in order for


This is the first installment of a new Being Libertarian series specifically curated to help anyone who is beginning their journey through the University. As Jordan Peterson alludes to in many of his lectures, the university can help a person read


"The art of any deal is keeping your end of the deal. If this isn’t done, no one will make deals going forward," writes Brandon Kirby in this edition of Freedom Philosophy.


"In the geopolitical climate, those of us within NATO-aligned countries stand in need of a history lesson. As the cold war in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia marches on, Russia and NATO continue to move global chess


"One can claim to be an environmentalist or an advocate of the poor by simply explaining that they support these causes, not by actually doing anything for the environment or lift a finger to help the poor. When optics replaces

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