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"In the four polls coming after the debate, Harris jumped into the battle for second place, finishing second in two polls and third in the other two. This was exactly the shot in the arm Harris needed, and it demonstrates just how important these early debates are, even though the Iowa caucuses are still eight months away."
july shelton, trump, federal reserve
"A critic of the Fed, she has criticized their current practice of paying interest on excess money that banks keep at the Fed as a way to set the Fed’s policy rate. She says the approach encourages banks to hold money that they would otherwise lend out, and are effectively being paid to keep money idle."
"This method of gaining public support for war is so effective that it’s still used today, as recently as the invasion of Iraq in 2003 (on the basis of supposed possession of weapons of mass destruction, which were never found) or attempts to intervene in Syria between 2012 and 2019 (on the basis of alleged chemical attacks before any evidence of such was found)."
"Yemeni healthcare centers often struggle to remain in contact with the Ministry of Health, suffer from administrative ambiguity amidst the conflictual situation of the civil war, and suffer from airstrikes."
daniel hale
"What brought him to terms was the fact that there was no way to tell innocents from real terrorists, and once a strike was carried out, everyone that was killed was classified as a combatant. This has allowed for the government to save face by decreasing the number of civilians that have been killed throughout this program," writes guest author Rocky Ferrenburg.


Economic Laws are Apparently Sexist – Eccentric Economics

"Instead of value being derived from labor inputs, value is rather determined by the subjective tastes of the consumer.  In other words, demand. Whether gender plays a role in the transaction between producer and consumer or not, the market prices are determined by demand for the particular good," writes Logan Davies in this edition of Eccentric Economics.



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The Attention Surrounding Greta Thunberg is a Sign of Desperation –...

"Every so often, a clearly eloquent and passionate young person is trotted out by the media to act as the official figurehead for a trendy movement. For some odd reason, we’re expected to take a point more seriously because a young person has said it," writes James Smith in this edition of Opting Out.