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Eric July – Our New Producer & Head of Talent Development

Being Libertarian’s Multimedia Director, Michael J. Mazzarone, announced today that BackWordz’s lead singer and libertarian activist Eric July will be the Multimedia Department’s first Head of Talent Development and a producer for Being Libertarian’s upcoming media network. Eric will facilitate recruiting and building a team of individuals who will...

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Libertarianism: The New Home For Environmentalists

The recent blows to the establishment have provided a remarkable opportunity for libertarians, and we should be seizing it firmly with both hands. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have, while aided by the alternative right, largely been the work of anti-PC, national populist movements. Despite the doom...

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Green Party Dr. Robert Fitrakis for Franklin County Prosecutor: Fighting Media Bias, Voter Fraud, Corruption, War on Drugs, and more

Being Libertarian’s Alon Ganon recently interviewed Dr Robert Fitrakis about his bid for the prosecutor in Franklin County as a member of the Green Party. During the interview, Dr. Fitrakis was discussed along with the mass Medias effort to exclude third parties from the political process. In addition, Dr....

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May’s Hard Brexit: A Case Study of the Growing Libertarian Divide

A Plea To Work Together I often write about the European Union, and here I once again find myself doing so. It is hard to break away from analyzing an institution that offers up such a grand variety of political action, especially in the age of Brexit. Today, the...

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Libertarianism and the Venus Project

“The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement.  It does not recognize divisionary notions such as nations, governments, races, religions, creeds, or class.  Rather, we see the world as one organism, with the human species as a singular family… Simply put, what the Venus Project represents, and what the...

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Theresa May; Britain’s Silent But Dangerous Tyrant

Remember what happened after Trump won? Angry blogs were typed out, roads were blocked and half the country threatened to move to Canada. While Robert DeNiro has yet to pack his bags for Montreal, now might actually be the time for libertarians in Britain to consider a relocation. You see,...

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Richard Stallman and the Electronic Frontier Foundation Weigh in on the ICANN Decision

After writing my article regarding the ICANN handover in late August, ‘Internet Naming System To Be Privatized‘, I was appalled as an IT expert to see not only had Breitbart misreported the whole ICANN situation, but apparently the Wall Street Journal had as well. In fact, the majority of...

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