Tulsi Gabbard could go by the title of congresswoman or Major, but her unique appeal has afforded her first name recognition. She has become the youngest Hawaii state legislator in history, an Iraq War veteran, an officer in the Hawaii Army National Guard, the first Samoan-American and the first...
spain, catalona
"The lesson is clear: if citizens try to leave the country without permission by governing bodies, they will harm them to prevent it. Even if 80% of citizens in Catalonia had the opportunity to cast their ballots, the massive majority of yes votes from 43% would still see an affirmative on independence. It was this certainty of Spain losing power that politicians used to justify using violence of their citizens who dared to defy them." Writes Luke Henderson in this week's World Liberty Weekend
denver, psychedelic, mushrooms, decriminalization
"Kevin Matthews, the campaign manager for Initiative 301, told the Denver Post that the results show what happens when people unite under a single idea to create change. According to Decriminalize Denver’s official website, psilocybin is a compound used by humans for thousands of years for healing, spiritual insight, and other purposes."
notre dame
"That’s the real heart of these responses: people want to assign a representation and a meaning to the destruction. While Shapiro focused on what it meant in the past, and those conspirators wanted it to be another battleground for an alleged culture war, I believe there’s a larger reason why the news has resonated worldwide. Truly, the toppling of that ancient spire is a metaphor for the current socio-political climate."
New Zealand
"New Zealand’s police minister, Stuart Nash, spoke on the matter, 'I want to remind that it is a privilege and not a right to own a firearm in New Zealand.'"


The Rich Get Richer, and So Do the Poor – Eccentric Economics

"There is increased inequality because those who were once in the lower classes are moving to the upper classes, while some of the poor remain in their respective lower class," writes Logan Davies in this edition of Eccentric Economics.



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The Attention Surrounding Greta Thunberg is a Sign of Desperation –...

"Every so often, a clearly eloquent and passionate young person is trotted out by the media to act as the official figurehead for a trendy movement. For some odd reason, we’re expected to take a point more seriously because a young person has said it," writes James Smith in this edition of Opting Out.