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Marxism, Nazism and a Potentially Radical Theory for Libertarianism

The Poles have the historical appearance to have been oppressed by both the Nazis and the Commies/Marxists. Countries in Eastern Europe who went through being occupied by Nazis and Marxists often speak out loudly about their dangers. Yet, out here in the West, it seems our people are willing...

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How Much More Should We Love Each Other?

The question seems rather odd when talking about political and social matters, but not senseless when we see how emotionally saturated the public sphere has become. Emotions are slowly but surely diluting the rational foundations of Western civilization, and it seems that love is the most pervasive of all....

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Charlottesville is the Result of Too Much Government – The Lowdown on Liberty

Based on the media’s reporting this week, you would think last week’s ‘Unite the Right’ rally was one of the worst tragedies to happen in America since 9/11. Claims have ranged from it being a hate crime, to quite possibly being the event that will push us into a...

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Weekly Roundup (12-18 August 2017) – The Chief’s Thoughts

I thought I might do something different for my column today. A weekly roundup of the articles published by Being Libertarian‘s contributors and columnists since my last column last Friday felt like a good idea! Without further ado: Welcome Back to 1950, America – The Lowdown on Liberty By...

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Where behavioral economists got it right, and then got it wrong

Still shot from the movie Cinderella Man. Russell Crowe played the character of James Braddock, also known as Cinderella Man for his Cinderella-like rise from obscurity to world-wide fame. The Cinderella Man, or James J. Braddock, was an American professional boxer who, due to a fortunate turn of events,...

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Why You Need To Care Deeply About Internet Surveillance

Invading your privacy without your permission is essentially theft, yet it happens every day on the internet and without consequence. Large corporations, law enforcement, the government, and just about anyone who knows how to use the internet, can easily obtain your personal information in a matter of seconds. It...

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