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An Unexpected Key to Freedom

From the time we are born, we are conditioned through force and manipulation to comply with just about everything dictated by figures of authority.  Is it any wonder then, why so many of us believe everything we are told by our government? The fact is that compliance and discipline...

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Five Ways to Get Friends to Hate Minimum Wage Laws

When it comes to making libertarianism more marketable to people, I’ve always tried to advocate realistic ideas. I looked at the issue of Medicare and Social Security and changed my tune from saying “Abolish it!” to “Let’s make it better and cheaper.” I changed my tune on welfare and...

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10 Ways Not To Make Your Friends Libertarian

Libertarians are, in all honesty, the cringe lords of Facebook. They’ve become the Jehovah’s witnesses of the internet. Libertarianism is a movement with a ton of wonderful people in it, many simply read paperwork on economics and policy, are very smart and go on to living productive and happy...

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Castro Regime Arrests Cuban Libertarian Party Members

Cuba’s newly-formed Libertarian Party has already experienced the brute force and tyranny of the Castro regime, simply for having liberty-minded ideas. All of the present activists at Cuba’s Libertarian Party HQ were arrested late Wednesday evening for “illicit association.” Cuban law states that “anyone belonging to an unregistered association can...

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Beautiful Infinity: A Libertarian Theory on Race

Skin color aside, what makes a white person? What makes a black person? If skin color magically disappeared the next morning, along with major physical differences, would you be able to determine who is white, black, Asian, and so on, based on their behavior or living conditions? You could...

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Freedom Philosophy: Corporate Tax is the Pinnacle of Our Drift Toward Nothingness

Something I hope to expand upon is societal drift toward nothing. Our money is predicated on nothing. Our entertainment consists of watching stories that didn’t happen or worse, clicking links that amount to “15 reasons that are unreasonable” or clicking with the expectation that we “won’t believe what happens...

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Why Leftists Hate Capitalism

Capitalism has been, perhaps, the most misconstrued and misused term I’ve ever come across. For an average person, capitalism is evocative of extraordinary images of colonialism, suffering and slavery, or the sight of a billionaire whose convoy passes through the streets, whose sidewalks have been an unfortunate residence to...

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Westworld and the Roots of Self-Ownership – The Chief’s Thoughts

Westworld (HBO) Season 1 Spoilers Ahead I recently completed the first season of the critically acclaimed HBO series Westworld, which concluded in December 2016. HBO has renewed the series for a second season, expected sometime in 2018. Since finishing the show, aside from some unrelated YouTube analyses, I have not...

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Appellate Court Lets Your Drone Go…Unregistered

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has struck down a regulation requiring ordinary citizens to register drone aircraft. The May 19 decision stated that the Federal Aviation Administration did not have the authority to regulate “model aircraft.” Prior to the ruling, the FAA told...

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The WannaCrypt Ransomware Plague Was Just the Beginning

The collective known as “‎The Shadow Brokers,” who previously leaked the infamous Windows SMB exploit which gave rise to last weekend’s WannaCrypt ransomware plague, are back and ready to cause yet more damage. What is the Windows SMB? It’s a file sharing protocol which allows Windows clients to request...

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