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"That’s the real heart of these responses: people want to assign a representation and a meaning to the destruction. While Shapiro focused on what it meant in the past, and those conspirators wanted it to be another battleground for an alleged culture war, I believe there’s a larger reason why the news has resonated worldwide. Truly, the toppling of that ancient spire is a metaphor for the current socio-political climate."
New Zealand
"New Zealand’s police minister, Stuart Nash, spoke on the matter, 'I want to remind that it is a privilege and not a right to own a firearm in New Zealand.'"
"School tragedies are often politicized as soon as they happen. But politics cannot undo what has been done, or alleviate the emotional pain afflicting the Walterboro community. It will not help. To assist the family, please consider donating to Raniya’s memorial fund."

To begin, the author reflects upon betting (a piece of gum) with her father on the outcome of the 2000 election between George W Bush and Al Gore. In what seems to be a deep resentment over losing the gum bet, Michallon has made it her life mission to ensure that no one ever loses a piece of gum to their father by betting on Democrats ever again."
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"It is vitally important that we rediscover Individualism, Liberalism and the power of discussion. We must be united as New Zealanders, as Kiwis. Most importantly, we must be willing to discuss contentious issues and refuse to engage with the identity politics that fueled this attack."




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Mark Zuckerberg’s Call for Regulation Will Only Benefit Facebook

"With increased government oversight, Facebook’s leadership will finally be able to pass the buck to someone else. The government will provide them with a clear set of rules that they will be accountable for. Any negative press coverage that occurs outside of those guidelines, will not be attributable to their company but to the rule-making body of the government. This will allow Facebook’s leadership to regain credibility within a clearly definable framework that they are not responsible for creating." Writes Adam Toomey Want to contribute to Being Libertarian, Think Liberty, or Rational Standard? visit and YOU could see your article hosted on one of our websites.