Jeffrey Epstein Dead Suicide
"The Epstein case was politicized due to his connections to many powerful people on both sides of the aisle, including current President Donald Trump (who once called Epstein a “terrific guy” who was “a lot of fun to be with”) and former president Bill Clinton (who rode multiple times on the plane Epstein takes to his private islands where some speculate a great deal of his sex trafficking occurred). Both have distanced themselves from Epstein since 2008."
Ilhan Omar
"This bill will most likely end in some form of increased taxation, more government administration, regulation, bureaucracy, and state revenue collection. In all actuality, this seems like a push to smear any who do not agree with the bill as antisemitic. This is why Omar came on as a co-sponsor to the bill. Omar will be able to absolve herself of being antisemitic, and in turn, give her the power to label others. "
"Some of the LNC started to take notice of these things lining up and became a bit leery of the situation. Thankfully a few were ready for what would come at the Austin LNC meeting over the weekend."
Space Force
"China tested one such weapon in 2007, making them the third nation to do so, which brought intense criticism. The country took days to release a statement on the launch and many speculated that while the reasons were militarily based (as the US militaries major weakness is a dependence on satellite technology), there could have also been diplomatic reasons."
kamala harris, democrats
"In the four polls coming after the debate, Harris jumped into the battle for second place, finishing second in two polls and third in the other two. This was exactly the shot in the arm Harris needed, and it demonstrates just how important these early debates are, even though the Iowa caucuses are still eight months away."




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The Attention Surrounding Greta Thunberg is a Sign of Desperation –...

"Every so often, a clearly eloquent and passionate young person is trotted out by the media to act as the official figurehead for a trendy movement. For some odd reason, we’re expected to take a point more seriously because a young person has said it," writes James Smith in this edition of Opting Out.