Trump and Xi Families
"Experts have agreed overwhelmingly in recent years that the death penalty does not actually deter crime, leaving Donald Trump's frequently touted opinion on the subject antiquated and in opposition to known fact."
"Imagine if not one, not two, not three, but four Trump staffers were caught on tape suggesting that if their candidate lost the 2020 election they would riot and burn cities down. Imagine if they were suggesting that, should he win again, we re-educate or cause physical harm or death to anyone who didn’t support him."
Boris Johnson During Brexit Address
The British Exit campaign, so-called “Brexit,” left in its wake two resigned Prime Ministers, David Cameron and Theresa May, one resigned Speaker of the House, two elections, one of which resulted in a hung Parliament, a weakened Labour party, a shattered Liberal Democrats party, and a strengthened Scottish National Party.
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"These men and women came from all walks of life, but had one thing in common: a love for Liberty, and the will to see it fought for. Who is to say that the same can’t be found today among the fired up pro-2A and Liberty communities? Who is to say that the same can’t be done now, despite our differences in ideas and hopes for the way forward?"
The Conservative Party has won a big majority in the official results for yesterday’s General Election in the UK. These are the breakdowns for number of MPs: Conservatives: 365 (+66) Labour: 203 (-42) Scottish National Party: 48 (+13) Liberal Democrat: 11 (-10) Others: 23 (-27) Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party seems to have gained ground...


COVID-19: We Need A Balanced Compassion

"So when people show concern for the economic impact of government policies, they aren’t showing a cold, hard-hearted love of money and corporations. They are showing concern for the average person whose livelihood is being affected," writes guest author Paul Murray.



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The Coronavirus: A Refutation of Libertarianism? – Misconceptions

"The Transportation Security Administration recently began allowing small bottles of hand sanitizer on flights. Either they are willing to put national security at risk to help stop the spread of the virus, or they realized banning hand sanitizer didn’t make much sense to begin with," writes Nathan Kreider in this edition of Misconceptions.