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This week, toy company Hasbro announced that it would be changing the name of their Mr. Potato Head series to simply "Potato Head." Much outrage came forth as members of the public confused this move with removing Mr. Potato Head from the market entirely. 
A former YAL employee summarizes the events that thus far make up the controversy surrounding the activist libertarian group. Being Libertarian remains interested in further contributions on this topic. See
As of Tuesday night, 82% of 28,000 respondents reported that they are considering voting for Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen. This demonstrates that many are not satisfied with the options from the two major parties, and that what once seemed a giveaway now has some hope.
"When fact-checking, it's of the utmost importance to withhold your personal views and opinions and, instead, focus solely on the information at hand. In this case, the opinion that we should be accepting of this affront simply because of the age of the law does not change that a vote was held, and the individuals we listed voted against you."
Our very own Killian Hobbs, Managing Editor of Being Libertarian and former Journalism Director of Think Liberty, has brought us something new and exciting just in time for Independence Day in the United States. Coming 4 July, Bad Arguments: A Guide to Logic and Winning Debates, the...




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You’re Allowed to Have An Opinion About Lockdowns – Opting Out

"Once and for all can we dispense with this notion that scientists alone can make reasoned arguments for or against public health policy? Firstly, let’s be honest, nobody actually believes this. As I’ve been hinting, scientifically unqualified people fear no backlash in arguing for the lockdowns," writes James Smith in this edition of Opting Out.