new zealand
"It is vitally important that we rediscover Individualism, Liberalism and the power of discussion. We must be united as New Zealanders, as Kiwis. Most importantly, we must be willing to discuss contentious issues and refuse to engage with the identity politics that fueled this attack."
Yellow Vest Protests
"The president has requested emergency measures to toughen the security by the armed forces", Benjamin Griveaux, the spokesperson for the French Elysee Palace, said on Wednesday. The yellow vests, he said, "are not protesters, but rioters."
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zero hedge
"The site acknowledged that this could be the result of having some of their articles flagged by readers or that it could potentially be retaliatory to Zero Hedge’s continual coverage of Facebook’s many questionable policies including privacy violations, “gross and ongoing misrepresentation of fake users”, and “systematic censorship.”" writes Luke Henderson.


Stop Blaming the Free Market for Modern Business Cycles – Eccentric Economics

"This appealing share value indicated the potentially profitable internet realm, with early investors being able to collect mass amounts of wealth.Doesn’t this sound like the boom was a repercussion of the free market, contrary to the title of this article? Is the fault not to be laid at the feet of greedy investors? Not so fast," writes Logan Davies in this edition of Eccentric Economics.



Science and Technology

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren: The Amazon Slayer

"When pressed on whether or not she would do away with private healthcare entirely, she wavered. She looked uneasy. She alternated between maybe so but left the door open with a maybe not. The unsettling reality was simple: she doesn’t know."