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Being Libertarian To Announce New Streaming Media Venture Being LiberTV

Being Libertarian LLC is proud to announce the launch of its newest media venture, Being LiberTV. Headed by its co-directors, Michael J. Mazzarone and Eric July, the venture has been described as Being Libertarian’s more ambitious effort to date, and something “sorely needed in the liberty movement” by Mazzarone....

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Selling Libertarianism: What You’re Doing Wrong

In almost every aspect of our lives we experience change. Whether it’s our homes, where we live, what we do, or what we are interested in, we grow up and things evolve in accordance to our circumstances. However, some things can’t change. Our instinct, as creatures, forbids us to...

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Being Libertarian’s Own Gary St. Fleur Featured in the Libertarian Party Newsletter

I was recently featured in the Libertarian Party’s newsletter; which gave me pause to reflect on my journey. For those who do not know, I am the founder of Save Scranton: A grassroots effort to bring attention to the economic distress, financial woes and corruption in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We...

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Shortcuts & Delusions: The Year In Celebrity Worship

2016 has been a particularly lethal year for gay and sexually ambiguous musicians, such as George Michael, Prince, David Bowie, and Merle Haggard. When I heard that George Michael had passed away December 25th, I thought “Looks like a Christmas gift for the Westboro Baptist Church.” OK, I didn’t...

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UK Police Want Teenage Criminals to Wear WiFi-Jamming Anklets

UK police are suggesting teenagers who digitally violate the Non-Aggression Principle should be punished by wearing WiFi jammers on their ankles. Cybercrime is a problem, and a growing one at that — with 51% of fraud offenses believing to be “cyber related” and the average age of those committing...

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Stolen NSA Tools for Breaching Windows are Now for Sale

The Shadow Brokers are back at it! A while back the same group released a bunch of exploits previously have come back with even more goodies. Well now they are selling a whole new portion of tools dubbed, “Equation Group Windows Warez.” This bundle includes exploits for Windows and...

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DNC would not allow FBI direct access to breached servers

For several months now we have consistently heard how the Russians accessed the DNC, Clinton, and John Podesta email accounts. The FBI, CIA, and others keep trying to tell us Russia was behind the breaches (which is false). Yet in another plot twist revealed recently that the DNC denied...

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FBI Breached: “Lazy” Security and an Outdated Operating System

The FBI’s website has apparently recently been breached by a security cracker going by the twitter handle @CyberZeist. CyberZeist has made claims to breaching and cracking the security of the whilst attaining sensitive information. The security cracker had also apparently exposed the zero day exploit in their Plone CMS...

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