The story today that Michael Avenatti has been arrested for a felony. The felony? Domestic violence. According to TMZ, who initially ran the story, Michael Avenatti was arrested for felony domestic violence after an altercation yesterday evening with the charges and arrest taking place today. His wife, Lisa Storie-Avenatti, is...
Kyrsten Simena officially wins the Arizona Senate seat, defeating Republican Martha McSally and succeeding never-Trumper Jeff Flake. This ends a week-long episode that followed last Tuesday’s election, where McSally initially led. Her lead evaporated the day after the election, and Simena’s lead has grown since. The AP officially called...
Win at the door
"If the other 17 representatives approach governance similar to Shipley, Young Americans for Liberty has sparked a bright future for liberty-minded representatives..." writes guest author Andrew Bartholomew.
voter fraud
"Scott, in a press conference outside the Governor’s Mansion Thursday evening, stated that Florida has seen incompetence and irregularities for years in the tabulation of ballots in Broward and Palm Beach and 'would not sit idly by while unethical liberals try steal the election from the people of Florida.'"
Jeff Sessions
As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Jeff Sessions has resigned effective immediately from the position of Attorney General in the Trump administration. The move came at the request of President Donald Trump after months of displeasure shown at the actions and stances of Sessions thus ending his tenure. The...


Sweatshops: Boycotts Aren’t Necessarily The Answer

"I completely understand the instinctive reasoning behind advocating for total boycotts of companies that exploit the poor in developing nations for the material gain of citizens in the West. However, as the age-old quip goes: being exploited is better than not being exploited at all, and being left without a job and forced to beg on the streets," writes Jacques Jonker.



Science and Technology


Another Day As A Banned Facebook User – Freedom Philosophy

"I’m assured that Facebook’s dismissal of libertarian views is morally justified on the grounds that they are a private company. If it were true any company can do as they wish on their private property, Facebook could ban people of colour, or Muslims, from using their platform, and one could argue this is politically justifiable as a freedom, it would still be highly unethical and merit criticism from other private organizations," writes Brandon Kirby in this edition of Freedom Philosophy.