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"Libertarians are already against fascism by definition, hence the “pro-capitalism” part—fascists are both anti-communist and anti-capitalist


"One must understand that trade is not a “zero sum” game. There are not winners and losers in a voluntary exchange


ICYMI: "Love of country cannot be mandated as that is how we transition from patriotism to nationalism; a leader who inspires patriotism in all its forms may be admired, but a leader who demands a public standard to which the


"The other major problem people have with homeschooling is that it puts the responsibility of the child directly in the hands of the parents. For parents that is scary. If they send their kids to public school, they could blame


"Our political system was designed to provide the majority with the responsibility to lead while protecting the minority from having their rights infringed or violated. However, both sides have manipulated their donor base to consolidate their power and wealth,"


"Now it may seem like, at least technically, we are free to live according to our principles. People who disagree with individual actions like stealing or lying can simply choose to not do those things, even though the price


"Gary Johnson was probably the only candidate that I came across with little to no baggage (besides Weld). He had his Aleppo gaffe, then went on to explain his mistake in a fairly open and human way and that's respectable.

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