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Will the real voice of freedom and liberty please stand up! Woe, you protesters, [from the toxic movements of Antifa to the politically (in)correct social justice warriors and disillusioned ‘marchers for life’], caught in a perpetual tailspin of deception:  You fill


"Standing up for our rights and protesting those who try to take them away is a fundamental part of American history. Recently, and for the first time in history, we are seeing Americans protesting to have their own rights taken


"2016 was a terrible year for American politics. The whole world watched as decent Americans were forced to endure a torturous circus. With sadness and horror they waited to hear the news that one of the two of the worst


My conversation with Bill Greene began with one simple question: “How does a person get free beer wherever they go for the rest of their life?” His answer, boiled down, was four simple words. Now to fulfill on those four words, is


"While I realize that some of the companies that rate schools are for-profit companies with their own agendas, why is it bad to want to know how a school is performing? Isn’t the point of school to teach students


"Forcing man to sacrifice his fruits in the name of progress by use of coercion is hardly civilized. Rather, it is barbaric. The idea that we must pay taxes to protect our rights is the epitome of irony. Having a


"While many conservatives refer to waterboarding as “enhanced interrogation” to make it seem less savage and immoral, I will be calling it by its actual name, torture. During the dark chapter of the CIA’s waterboarding program, innocent people were tortured. According

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