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"As one can plainly see, the non-aggression principle clearly supports mass murder," writes guest author Rodion Feldman. Want to write for Being Libertarian? CLICK HERE: www.beinglibertarian.com/contribute/


"We are in a war of memes. Sanctimony, platitudes, and obfuscation will not help us. Only better memes -- better ideas -- will. We have forgotten what makes our civilization great, and we have left barren and cold the values


"The bakery is the property of the cake baker, which means the baker can decide how it should function. If the baker decides to refuse service to a lesbian couple, he has every right to do so. He has not


"For the libertarian, the entire foundation of the debate starts on the wrong foot, for it matters not whether corruption exists. Even if it could be reasoned to the satisfaction of all involved in the debate, that the virtue of


"The United States government will have two options once it is time to pay their debts: Default on our debt or, the more likely situation, print money like it is going out of style. The result would cause hyperinflation, sky-high


"If history is on the verge of repeating itself, like it tends to do, then we might not escape the grips of a full-blown trade war; a trade war that is avoidable if only Congress and politicians could acquire some

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