Pfizer, DJ Khaled Collaborate on New Song “Another One” to Promote Booster Shots


Pfizer has decided to resurrect and monetize the old hip-hop meme that is DJ Khaled in the wake of booster-vaccine hesitancy. The vaccine is obviously effective; after two years and two COVID shots, the nation still faces strictly enforced mask mandates in planes and schools, and “The Science” is mandating vaccines for some jobs, but Pfizer emphasizes that you can never be too safe. To promote the new upcoming booster shots, Pfizer has teamed up with DJ Khaled to release a new song titled “Another One,” just in time for the winter season to kick in, and with it, flu COVID season.

DJ Khaled is best known for his perplexing and often annoying line “Another One” that’s yelled at random points in songs. Now he’s decided to renew himself, capitalize on this dead meme, and turn it into a new top hit. Reporters were able to pin him down riding his jet ski off the shore of Miami to ask for an interview, but all he did was point at them and say “I appreciate you.”

The Pfizer-DJ Khaled song debuted on YouTube, but some intern desperate for a job at Pfizer made the costly mistake of forgetting to turn off the comments after uploading the music video. Within hours the damage was done, and it became a laughing stock. The top comments included: “DJ Khaled is definitely suffering, but it’s not from success” and “You did it Pfizer, you played yourself.”

Pfizer stock tumbled 21% the following day, and based on recent polls, Pfizer and DJ Khaled have actually convinced Americans that they don’t need “another one” this winter.

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Gage Hollishead

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