Champion Books

Champion Books is the publishing arm of Being Libertarian LLC, a Virginia-based international libertarian media company dedicated to the spread of the ideas underlying a free society and the development of new, active voices for liberty.

Champion is governed under the auspices of Being Libertarian’s Literature & Publications Department, led by the Editorial Board. The Editor-In-Chief, currently Killian Hobbs, is responsible for the direct oversight and management of the publisher.

While Champion publishes high quality works of non-fiction in the social sciences, we intend to be a more accessible and new-writer-friendly publisher that does not discriminate based on (a lack of) prior experience. As part of Being Libertarian’s dedication to developing the future voices for liberty around the globe, Champion does not demand from its authors and potential authors a record of publishing or any qualifications. With that in mind, however, Champion does have basic requirements for the submission of manuscripts:

Submission requirements

If you have already written the manuscript

  • The manuscript must be previously unpublished. If it is previously-published, Champion must acquire the exclusive right to publish the new edition.
  • The manuscript must be at least 15,000 words in length, excluding the front- and back matter, but including the introduction and conclusion.
  • Perfection is the enemy of good. As such, the use of English in the manuscript is expected, at least, to be good.
  • The manuscript, taken as a whole, must communicate a distinctively libertarian leaning message or have liberty-focused elements. For example: A fiction story about a CIA agent saving the President would likely get declined, while a similar story wherein said agent exposes internal wrong doings may be accepted.
  • Champion editors are from diverse backgrounds and likely will not specialize in your chosen topic. Champion‘s target market is also not necessarily academic. As such, the manuscript must be understandable to a reasonably-intelligent layman. Pedants with a penchant for word salad need not apply.
  • Academic or specialized works will be accepted under special circumstances – as such, we strongly recommend pitching the manuscript to us before writing it.
  • If your manuscript is accepted, you will be expected to sign a contract with Champion Books before we proceed further.

If you wish to write something for Champion

  • Pitch the manuscript to the publisher by emailing with the following title format: “Champion Books pitch: [Your manuscript’s general topic]”
  • The pitch must be no shorter than 1,000 words and no longer than 2,000 words.
  • The pitch must not be a general speculation of a potential topic: You are expected to have thought the topic through. Champion editors will look for structured and direct thought, not spitballing.
  • It must be clear from the pitch how the book will be of interest to reasonably-intelligent laymen.
  • A rough timeline for the production of the full manuscript must be included in the pitch.
  • If you have already completed the first draft of a manuscript, please include it with your application as this with greatly speed up the process from pitch to published. See steps involved above.

What can I expect from Champion?

Champion is a publisher for the twenty-first century. We offer a halfway point between self-publishing and traditional publishing, meaning the author is expected to work with Champion in the creation, marketing, and distribution of their work.

Given our focus on new, previously-unpublished authors, we do not and cannot offer a traditional publishing experience whereby the publisher alone does the heavy-lifting. The marketing package we offer is exclusively online, meaning Being Libertarian’s considerable social media presence, mailing lists, and publications network will be brought to bear on the task of ensuring our millions of followers around the world are made aware of your work. We distribute through online platforms such as Amazon (in both print and e-book format).

Champion does not, as a general rule, peer-review nor fact-check manuscripts.

Our package, to which terms and conditions apply, covers:

  • proofreading,
  • marketing, and
  • distribution.

In line with Being Libertarian’s publications philosophy, Champion considers itself a platform for voices, not a voice itself. As such, Champion does not accept responsibility for nor does it endorse the content of any published work.

Given the size of our team and the volume of submissions we receive, do not expect a prompt reply to your manuscript submission or your pitch. Allow for at least a month’s wait before following up with us.

Our catalog

Sexual Liberty: Memiors of a Sex Worker’s Fight For Freedom (2021)

Bad Arguments: A Guide to Logic and Winning Debates (2020)

Igniting Liberty: Voices for Freedom Around the World (2019)