Nathan A. Kreider

Nathan A. Kreider is the host of The Conversation, a podcast about ideas and how to spread them. He also publishes a blog and video content, including short book reviews, which can be found on his website

Nathan received his 2nd Degree Black Belt in 2012, and was certified as an Emergency Medical Technician through the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences in 2014. In 2017, he received his Bachelor of Health Science with a minor in psychology in three years from Lock Haven University, and became a notary in 2018. While at Lock Haven University, he joined the school’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter. First as Treasurer, and then as chapter President, he worked alongside a libertarian professor and students to bring guest speakers like Bob Murphy, Laurence Vance, Julie Borowski, Jeff Deist, and Walter Block to the Lock Haven campus.

Nathan was introduced to the workings of small business at a young age, which he credits as an influence of his support for laissez-faire capitalism and libertarianism. Throughout his childhood, he occasionally did odd jobs for a small family print shop on his maternal side, as well as assisted with flipping houses and landlord maintenance with his father.

While considering himself both a libertarian and a liberalist, Nathan is primarily an individualist, and an admirer of other individualist philosophies such as Objectivism and classical liberalism. He believes that the simplest first step to solving the problems of the world is to encourage ourselves and others to increasingly broaden our sources of information to the greatest possible extent.

Nathan currently resides in central Pennsylvania and works for a small hospital. When not at work, he spends a significant amount of time reading, averaging a book each week. He also spends time researching and investing in cryptocurrency.

He can be contacted by email via [email protected].