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Nathan A. Kreider is the host of The Conversation, a podcast about ideas and how to spread them. He also publishes a blog and video content, including short book reviews, which can be found on his website nkreider.com. He can be contacted by email via [email protected]


Libertarianism, like any ideological group, has a problem with people leaving. Those that decide to 'leave liberty' will inevitably receive accusations of 'betraying your principles' from many libertarians. These accusations will likely be true in some cases, but in others


People respond to incentives. This is a standard rule in economics. If we wish to influence someone’s choice, we can incentivize the favored option to increase the possibility of it being chosen. Likewise, we can disincentivize the unfavored option to reduce


Idealists, or ‘purists’, can be frustratingly impractical with their ideology. Some will consider any form of political action an endorsement of state power and others will only support political activists that adhere strictly to impractical or impossible standards. Meanwhile, realists

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