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Nathan A. Kreider is the host of The Conversation, a podcast about ideas and how to spread them. He also publishes a blog and video content, including short book reviews, which can be found on his website nkreider.com. He can be contacted by email via [email protected]


"The danger of enforcing a ban on child labor on a poor society is clear from a report by UNICEF on Bangladesh, a nation known for its prevalence of child labor. In 1993, a bill was introduced in Congress with


"In their minds, the moral case is set in stone: nobody deserves to make less than a “living wage.” As for the practical case, it is typically abstract and incredibly simplistic, occasionally using things like CEO pay as an argument


"High prices act as an automatic rationing system during a disaster. People buy only what they need, leaving limited resources available to others that value them more. The intent of business owners is irrelevant. They may only be concerned for


"Overall, we can say that when women and men both have equal access to the same products on the market, any disparity is entirely due to customer preference. Both men and women will buy the product that best satisfies their


The political divide can be dichotomized in multiple ways, one of these being individualism vs. collectivism. With the rise of collectivism on both sides of the political spectrum, misconceptions of what individualism actually represents are becoming increasingly common. If we wish


"If economic growth is a concern, then preventing companies from flourishing to the best of their ability is not the way to go


"Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the surface there are thousands of other lesser-known cryptocurrencies referred to as altcoins. Some of these act as direct competitors to bitcoin, while others seek to revamp specific industries or act

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