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"There are other factors that continually increase what you must pay for things. We are fortunate in that the more open markets are with the least amount of government interference, that growth in wealth tends to outpace loss of buying


"Is Amazon a monopoly, as Trump claims? There are an enormous number of retailers functioning online. Amazon doesn’t even have a majority slice of online sales. It’s without doubt that they are a behemoth, but hardly a monopoly. In 2017,


"I understand people don’t get very charged up about helping out small business owners, but they do understand that small businesses also spend money, and that helps us all. So far, the early signs of these changes benefiting the economy


"You don’t have to wait for some political movement or for untrustworthy politicians to increase the minimum wage to get paid better for your labor. You just have to think of things differently. You still have your own personal work


"So, if public funding is never predictable, property values leave funding unbalanced, and politicians keep changing the way teachers must educate every few years without regard to how those things can really be implemented and be effective, then what does


I ran into a situation recently, or at least it seemed ironic to me. It was after a family dinner where I had been the lone supporter of decriminalization, of weed in particular. It can be a little bit lonely


It is a truly rare thing for me to side with the state of California on much of anything. So, this article makes me feel a little bit like I should take a shower. However, President Trump decided to threaten

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