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"In order for government to become less of a threat to individual freedom, it is an absolute necessity to quit pursuing influence as a primary goal of foreign policy." Writes Danny Chabino in this week's Red Dirt Liberty Report.


"Using government to force change means that those seeking the change have become too mentally lazy to convince others that change needs to be made. Perceived threats and damages to the planet are not the result of ignorant people too


"Tolerance is acceptance. It isn’t agreement. I do not have to agree that you are making good decisions for yourself in order to accept that they are your decisions to make. Tolerance means that in order to get along in


"The modern left was created in response to the modern right, and both need one another to continue to function. Without being able to paint the specter of greed upon the wealthy titans, the left wouldn’t exist, and without being


"If people are enthused that the tax has produced large amounts of new revenues, does that mean that they’re happy people didn’t stop drinking sodas, but rather gave reason to people to be excited about new taxes? Does it mean


"You see, the most stupid of stupid things in Marxist complaints is that if they really want to take over means of production, they can do it under the current system, but they become crony capitalists in the process

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