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"When banks are subsidized by government and they cannot fail, their incentives shift to risks that often should not be taken. If they can’t fail, they don’t care if they take unnecessary risks, and we all pay for it in


"The effects of this ruling do not at all protect small businesses from the reach of large online retailers. Rather, it makes it more difficult to do business and introduces new hurdles," writes Danny Chabino in this edition of the


"So, did I turn against the GOP because I got bored having won too many battles? Nope. The GOP turned against me and my philosophies. Or rather, my eyes were opened to the duplicity of the GOP and how, even


"If you want the sort of people who are less likely to cause problems and are less likely to participate in unwanted activities, then a better option is to make it much easier for such people to go through legal


"Whether your ideas lie on the right or the left, you are free to practice whatever your philosophy, so long as it does not involve injury and harm to other parties. That does not include societal injury, regardless of whether


"The marketplace is the most efficient when there are no interventions. When a nation raises tariffs on certain goods, what happens isn’t that the economy does better. Instead, what happens is that its citizens pay more for those goods. Any


"If someone wants to put forth thought provoking ideas that are well articulated and stimulating, I will listen, even when I disagree. But, when people want to say stupid and disgusting things, I just close up my ears and listen

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