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"In the name of progress, humanity has somehow lost the idea that we tend to take better care of our fellow humans when we know we have some direct responsibility. There’s an uneasy and unsettling feeling walking past a homeless


"This is just one small example of how it isn’t necessary to steal money from others in order to make sure those in need don’t go without. People are not evil by nature, and I fully believe that. No one


"The idea behind seasteading is that multiple seasteads can bind themselves together to form societies with their own governments - or a lack of government. If you don’t like the government where you live, then you can cut your property


All our lives we have always been told that they key to financial success is to get a college degree. So much so, that college degrees have flooded the labor market


"Currently, government takes certain rights away from you then sells them back to you in the form of a license or permit. The only way that government can grant such rights is to first take them away. Selling people something


"It’s odd that the Democrats are demonstrating knowledge that competition in the marketplace drives wages


"People who would never break into their neighbor’s house to steal their money to give it to the poor, when removed from the process, don’t have an issue with government doing the same. And, people who don’t care what their

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