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Since joining the Libertarian Party in 2016, Luke Henderson has been active in the liberty movement through journalism and political activism. Luke is a paraprofessional for the Special School District of St. Louis, composer of fine art and electronic music, and contributor to multiple libertarian news sites.


After shocking Libertarians across the country by announcing his intent to run for US Senate as a Republican, former Libertarian presidential candidate Austin Petersen finished 3rd in Tuesday’s primary, having been abysmally outperformed by current Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley.


The Libertarian Party National Convention ended this month with the major highlights being the record-setting reelection of incumbent Chairman Nicholas Sarwark, the outspoken and controversial (and possible presidential candidate) Arvin Vohra losing his position as Vice Chairman to New York


Last July, I made the decision to dedicate a part of my activism to the Partdio Libertario Cubano-Jose Marti (the Libertarian Party of Cuba-Jose Marti) and spreading the stories of their fight to bring libertarian values to a brutal, one-party


"Imagine all the years of progress that have been lost because of government enforced monopolies. Imagine all the entrepreneurs that never saw their ideas come to light because they had their ankles tied to cinder-blocks while the corporations had bikes


"Frankly, the film left me stunned with its unintentional libertarian messaging on the terrors of a corrupt government, human nature and individuals defending themselves," writes Luke Henderson about the newly released 'The First Purge'. Spoilers ahead.


"Nicholas Sarwark and Joshua Smith have encouraged more and more people to become involved in the inner workings of the Libertarian machine. A plethora of ideas can bring much conflict, but it also allows for collaboration and the creation of


"So, if the primary concern of open-borders advocates is a free market of labor, which I suspect closed-border believers would support, and the primary concern of closed-borders advocates is respect for who may enter their property, again, a belief I

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