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John Engle is a merchant banker and author living in the Chicago area. His company, Almington Capital, invests in both early-stage venture capital and in public equities. His writing has been featured in a number of academic journals, as well as the blogs of the Heartland Institute, Grassroot Institute, and Tenth Amendment Center. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and the University of Oxford, John’s first book, Trinity Student Pranks: A History of Mischief and Mayhem, was published in September 2013.


Looking in on the activity (or lack thereof) so far this congressional session, a casual observer might be forgiven for thinking the Republican Party to be a rump opposition organization battling against a government eager to promote a contrary agenda. The


Civil asset forfeiture has come into the mainstream in recent months, first when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced controversial expansions to the program, and then again last week when he was forced to roll back some of his hardline stances


A common theme for activists and politicians of the left is the propensity to expand the bounds of what constitute entitlements. In the case of education, it has grown from primary and secondary school, to technical school, and now often to


A little-known (and even less understood) provision of the United States Constitution looks like it might soon see action for the very first time: An Article V convention. Article V of the Constitution deals with constitutional amendments. Here it is, in


On Sunday, the German federal election reached its unsurprising conclusion after an unsurprising campaign. Angela Merkel’s center-right Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) won the most votes (albeit far down from their results in the previous election) and is the only party capable of


I decided to change things up this week and offer a bit of creative writing. Here is an ode to the free market that I worked out this weekend. Clearly, I am somewhat better at prose than poetry, but perhaps


Donald Trump is a man of many contradictions. Variously a Democrat, a Republican, and a Reform Party member; at times for gun control and at others adamantly against it; pro-abortion for years before switching to a pro-life stance during the

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