Libertarians Nominate Female Professor, Threaten to Take Votes From Democrats


Late on the night of 23 May, on the fourth round of balloting, the Libertarian Party nominated Professor Jo Jorgensen for President at their annual convention. While she was far from the most well-known of the candidates, the Clemson University professor narrowly won the majority of the delegates’ votes thanks to her debate performance and unifying, classy approach.

In addition to being a decent and normal person, something sorely lacking in the candidates of the two major parties, Jorgensen could challenge Biden and Trump by being a strong female running against two alleged sexual predators. This could win her millions of disenfranchised female votes in November. Currently, she is the only female who will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

A former IBM marketing representative and President of Digitech Inc., Jorgensen has not only been a proven business leader but worked in pro-liberty politics for decades. She was nominated by the Libertarian Party to be the vice presidential candidate alongside Harry Brown in 1996. These two factors taken together make her a formidable political opponent.

According to her website, Jo supports shrinking the government, ending the failed War on Drugs, diminishing the perpetual foreign wars and bringing our soldiers home, and she considers the federal Department of Education to be a failure. Jorgensen has even said that she would abolish the ATF if given the opportunity. Lastly, another stark contrast between the Libertarian and her opponents is that she has vowed to “work tirelessly to slash federal spending, make government much, much smaller, and let you keep what you earn.” Trump and Biden both love big, powerful government.

Jo was also elected as the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States at the first ever virtual convention of the Libertarian Party. The convention involved over 1,000 delegates, spanned multiple days, and each day was exhausting.

The first day ended around midnight Eastern Time, and the delegates and other Libertarians took to social media to celebrate Jorgensen’s nomination (and to celebrate the long day being over). Not surprisingly, some Jorgensen supporters began using the hashtag #ImWithHer on Twitter, clearly taking a shot at Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign. Jumping at the bait immediately, the corporate press, progressives and Clinton supporters became furious that Libertarians would dare ‘co-opt Hillary’s slogan’. Among the many angry tweets from socialists were statements such as “The GOP stole the election from Hillary last time, now the Libertarians want to steal her slogan this time! Pathetic.#ImWithHer #YesThatOne”.

A few hours later, irrational Democrats began to accuse Libertarians and Russians of being in cahoots. Not taking the time to understand that the convention ended around midnight, one Twitter user made their case: “There is a reason why the hashtag #ImWithHer started trending at 1am in America. It’s because that’s daytime in Russia and they want to trick Democrats into voting for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen.  Don’t fall for this crap. This is Jill Stein 2.0.  #SundayMorning”.

Democrats seem to believe that if people vote for Jorgensen instead of Biden, they are horrible people because they’ll be letting Trump win. Of course, Republicans say the exact opposite and also discourage conservatives from voting with their conscience. CNN hurriedly published a horribly written article essentially complaining about the female nominee and the hashtag and begging Democrats to ignore her and support Biden.

At first glance, Jorgensen is a female psychology lecturer who does not seem particularly conservative, so she seems more likely to pull from the Democrats. However, she is much more conservative than Trump on gun rights and taxes, so she could gain the support of disenfranchised conservatives just as easily. When the Libertarian nominee inevitably ‘costs Biden the election’ or cuts into Trump’s victory, will the two major parties finally begin to pay attention to the long ignored group of voters in the US, the Libertarians?

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Elliot Axelman

Elliot Axelman is a paramedic, educator, boxer, and personal trainer. Politically, he identifies as a libertarian. Elliot is the founder, managing director, and editor-in-chief of Elliot’s editorial opinion is his own and not Jo’s campaign strategy.


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