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Baruti Kafele, who is affectionately known as ‘Baruti Libre’, is an intellectual entrepreneur, social scientist, proud libertarian, and real estate broker who ensures quality and superiority from his enterprises to his scholarship. Baruti Libre is the chief executive of the successful fashion and multimedia firm called LiBRE BRAND-Freedom of Flyness which is a globally-recognized and viable brand based on the ideals of liberty and freedom. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @BarutiLibre and visit his websites for literature and apparel.


One of the laws of physics is that causality doesn’t implicate correlation which supposedly debunks the Post hoc ergo propter hoc phrase (a Latin term that translates to after this, therefore because of this). In my studies of the various


Trigger Warning: I am sure that I am going to cause a lot of eyebrows to raise from the second sentence, but please bear with me for this very succinct article. A lot of libertarians and non-libertarians alike have the misunderstanding


An ostensible postulation among political scientists, economists, political economists or any of the social scientists is that globalization is exploitative, deplorable and is the other concept of globalism. In actuality, one of the most misrepresented and misunderstood concepts in the


Within political circles throughout the United States there has been an indefatigable debate on the role government should play in the economy.  There are libertarians and conservatives that are proponents of limited government; socialists and welfare-statists who are advocates of


One of the most integral ideals of United States history is freedom and equality.  What I’ve noticed, is that the aforementioned ideals are the most lauded, overrepresented, accentuated but contradictorily misunderstood principles in this country. The definition of freedom is the


The first seventeen years of the 21st century, have been ones of expeditious and unprecedented technological advancements: from social media interconnectedness, and text message marketing, to the digitization of our lifestyles and the conducting of commerce via the Internet (instead


President Donald Trump communicated recently with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, about the support for “safe zones” in two of the many war-ridden countries in the politically designated Middle East, particularly Yemen and Syria. In response, the Syrian government expressed that

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