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Thomas J. Eckert is a Copy Editor for Being Libertarian. With a passion for politics, he studies economics and history and writes in his spare time on political and economic current events. He is a self-described voluntarist.


The United States of America. A nation built by a group of misfits simply longing for opportunity. A country that banded together in the face of tough odds to vanquish evil ideologies from flourishing. Or so we’re told in the


It’s happened again, another tragedy in America, and once more we hear the cries for systematic change echo from coast to coast. Instead of berating you with countless policy prescriptions in the aftermath, and whether or not they will deter


Most people consider consent to be a straight forward concept. Parties voluntarily agreeing beforehand to the actions taking place between them sounds simple enough, right? Unfortunately, life – and more specifically, the state – has a way of overcomplicating situations.


The memo is finally released, and albeit far from the bombshell that Republicans made it out to be or the “nothing-burger” Democrats are trying to claim it is, it does uncover some damning evidence for both sides. As always with


We’ve all had that experience where someone around us repeats a word endlessly, until a point where it loses its meaning in our heads altogether. Oftentimes referred to as semantic satiation, insults can likewise lose meaning when repeated ad nauseam.


Being a libertarian in this day and age is tough. With politics at possibly the most tense point in a generation (especially in the US), it’s safe to say emotions are running high. Unfortunately for libertarians, this leaves us with


Last month, I wrote an article about consent in which I not only illustrated the importance consent plays in civil society, but also the inner workings of where it derives its value. Consent is often an underutilized and – judging

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