Baker’s Vaping Ban Could Be Overturned On Monday

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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s temporary ban on the sale of vaping products may be ruled illegal by a Massachusetts judge. The ban has been challenged in court by a lawsuit aiming to score an injunction.

The ban caused an immediate uproar from “vape shop” owners who sell cigarette alternatives to the public. With the entire industry having been shut down for nearly a month, some hope has appeared in the form of a lawsuit.The Vapor Technology Association (VTA), which “represents the manufacturers, wholesalers, small business owners and entrepreneurs who have developed innovative and quality vapor products,” is leading the legal charge.

The VTA has had some success against the emerging bans against vapor products and flavors, such as a hold on a ban on flavored vaping products in Oregon.

This is not the first lawsuit that the Massachusetts vaping ban has encountered; a trio of vape shop owners, specifically noting that a 4-month period of prohibition is a “death sentence” to their shops, filed suit only days after the ban was announced.

A ruling is expected later today. Massachusetts has thus far confirmed 10 vaping-related lung injuries, with a further 19 considered probable. Concern has been raised that the existing vaping ban may be causing a mass return to the smoking of cigarettes.

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