Big Government! Reasons Why We Need One

Reasons why we need big government regulation, bandwagon

You might wonder how something that seems so antithetical to basic libertarian ideology could make sense, but there are a number of reasons why we would not only benefit from a bigger, more active government, but also why it actually plays an integral part in preserving the very liberties we espouse.

Reason 1 For Big Government:

JK… we don’t!





Thanks for clicking, though.

Let us know in the comments what you would cut if you could get rid of one regulation, law, or by-law!

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Arthur Cleroux

Arthur Cleroux is an individualist who balances his idealism with a desire for an honest, logical and objective approach to politics and political issues. Originally Arthur found that his values aligned well with the political right; however as time went on his desire for transparency and honest discourse of ideas in the political realm led him closer and closer to the center of the political spectrum! He found that on either wing there was a strong and dangerous type of “groupthink”, where people supported unnecessary and even bad policies because of a need to conform to the party line. As an individualist with a strong understanding of the importance of what Ayn Rand called “the smallest minority on earth”, the individual; he finds himself falling very closely in line with the ideals of liberty. Arthur is a lot of things but more important than anything he is a father to two amazing children! Caring for them, making sure they know that they are now and always will be loved is his primary goal, and along with that, comes a desire is to raise them to be free thinkers, to question and study the world and why it is the way it is, and to have character and grit to do what is necessary to succeed!

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  1. I KNEW it was click-bait before I clicked it – I was just curious – lovely pivot to the JK “back to sanity” moment with the dose of “thanks for clicking” to remove all doubt that it was in fact clickbait – – – awesome! – LOL

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