Netanyahu Talks Iran, Trump, Desire to Maintain Regional Peace


On Saturday, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a video to Facebook outlining his desire to create and foster peace, with the help of President Donald J. Trump, between Israel and Iran.

Netanyahu conveyed to the Iranian people that Israel is their friend, not their enemy, and that the real enemy is the repressive regime that rules over them.

“The Iranian people prefer to live without fear, enjoying Western freedom and liberties,” Netanyahu said. “I know you’d want to be able to speak freely, to love who you want without the fear of being tortured or hung from a crane.”

Netanyahu spoke of the desire of Iranians to partake in the freedom they deserve as humans, and said they are, “shackled by a theocratic tyranny. In a free Iran you will once again be able to flourish without limit. But today, a cruel regime is trying to keep you down.”

The prime minister conveyed an interest in working with President Trump in order to decide the best course of action to “defeat terror and tyranny” in order to create “a more peaceful and hopeful future for both” Israel and Iran.

The distinction between the people and the state represents the cultural shift underway in Iran, and this shift shows the potential of the people to rise up and play a key role in liberalizing their government and its policies.

A clear message from Netanyahu on the topic of freedom for the Iranian people from a tyrannical, repressive regime is a good sign for the future of liberty in the Middle East, though it is a double-edged sword. Interventionism by the U.S. in the Middle East in order to topple autocratic regimes has previously created power vacuums, and other unstable situations.

If the talks between Trump and Netanyahu result in a consensus that interventionism is preferred, it could come at the cost of Trump’s voting base. Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump showed an aversion to interventionist policies, citing them as the reason ISIS was able to form.

Ultimately, Iranians face persecution by a theocratic, authoritarian regime and are greatly in need of liberty.

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Nicholas Amato

Nicholas Amato is the News Editor at Being Libertarian. He’s an undergraduate student at San Jose State University, majoring in political science and minoring in journalism.


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