Ron Paul Revolution Takes Over The Libertarian Party

Ron Paul Revolution
It's time to stop ignoring Ron Paul
It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Ron Paul

The Libertarian Party held its convention this weekend in Reno, Nevada. In a huge shift in leadership, the Mises Caucus swept the floor and took control of the Libertarian Party. The #RenoReset is complete.

Newly elected Chairwoman of the Libertarian Party, Angela McArdle

For those unfamiliar with the Mises Caucus or Libertarian Party politics, they can be best described as Ron Paul Revolution 2.0, the people who supported Dr. Paul in his 2008 and 2012 Presidential campaigns. The LP became a landing zone for many of Ron Paul’s followers after the GOP went to great lengths to silence Dr. Paul during the campaign. However, many grew tired of LP drama and seemingly self-defeating messaging and became apathetic, or anarchists. Meanwhile, the LP swung left and into a ditch.

This news is probably not shocking to anyone following the LP but casual voters may need to be caught up to speed. After decades of disappointing presidential campaigns and zero mainstream media coverage, the LP needed a new direction and the Ron Paul Revolution needed an infrastructure to become influential in the political discussion in 2022 and beyond.

This shift has brought back the interest of many libertarian influencers to becoming active in the party.

Photo by @Zubymusic

What does this mean for the Party?

1- It means the Libertarian Party just got a lot less woke. As seen in the Tweet above, the new management got its momentum in response to how poorly the National Libertarian Party handled the messaging in the events of 2020. (Race riots, covid response)

Going forward the LP messaging should be much more relevant and noticeable to people on social media. Posts with only the party platform or pictures of random people with a membership card isn’t exactly a winning strategy.

2- The Libertarian Party will become more friendly to disgruntled Republicans. Many “conservatives” have had hesitancy about joining or voting for the LP for various reasons. One of the big issues has been the Party’s position on abortion. I offered advice to the LP a long time ago about this issue. There is huge untapped resource with the pro-life community. Simply removing it from the platform would eliminate a hurdle that mostly like-minded pro-life voters can’t overcome.

Looks like they listened…

Also expect to see some changes to borders and woke virtue signals.

3- The Libertarian Party has passion, energy, and excitement for the first time in… forever.

That’s not to say there weren’t small victories along the way. Gary Johnson did well to grow the party in his campaign and the Jorgensen campaign introduced the world to Spike Cohen who is one of the very best libertarian social media accounts to follow.

When communicators like Dave Smith, Eric July, Maj Toure, Scott Horton, Edward Snowden, Zuby, Tom Woods, and Ron Paul himself come out to support the revitalization of the Libertarian Party, it’s an exciting time. Hell, even Michael Malice’s name has been floating around as potential social media manager.

Bold libertarian messaging that has been lacking in the LP, but has grown exponentially on social media, podcasts, and alternative media outlets (despite censorship) will only be a good thing for liberty lovers.

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