Should Steve Kerbel Step Up to the Plate?

Source: Libertarian Wing Media

I wanted to write you an open letter about the upcoming election and our desperate need to be united and to retain the ballot access that is the crown jewel of our arsenal against the omnipotent state.

This season has had many ups and downs. After my due diligence, I had high hopes for some well-known people to carry the standard in this very challenging year. I was confident in the abilities of these gentlemen to achieve an end result this November which was respectable, and most certainly enough to boost the down ballot candidates and to maintain the ballot access for elections to come.

The work of the Libertarian Party must be sustained. The down ballot candidates must be given the best chances possible. As I have said for many years, the key to party success is party unity. We are all independent people with independent ideas about what is beneficial and what is detrimental in the political realm to people to live their chosen lives in peace, so long as their choices do not harm other people.

In the last few days since Rep. Justin Amash announced that he was not going to run this time around, I have been contacted much more than usual about this year’s presidential nomination with requests to step in. Up to this point, I was steadfast that I was not going to be in the fray this time.

But now I am concerned about the ability for the party to stay front and center in the fight for the individual, and maintain that coveted ballot access. At this point, I am seeking your advice.

I am of the opinion that my capabilities and network would provide us all the best chances to see tomorrow and keep the fight in high gear. You all know me, and you know what I believe in. You know that I am serious and prefer respectful and thoughtful communication and messaging that is geared toward what really matters to the people, providing understandable solutions without the condescending attitude that often accompanies a different way of thinking. I truly believe that the best chance for people to live better lives is to do so under their own control.

While I have not made a decision, it seems to me that the next responsible step is to ask you if you want me to step up and carry the banner this time around. If this is what you want, I will dedicate my time up until the November election to run the most effective campaign possible, with the goal of taking advantage of all opportunities to promote this party in a way that would make you proud. 

Having spent over 20 years as a CEO of multi-million dollar corporations in many states, I am an organizer. Being completely self-made and taking risk after risk to achieve these positions, I am not afraid to swing for the fences… actually, this is what I have done all my life.

So, I ask you now: Do you want my help, or are you satisfied with the current group of fine people competing for this nomination and their capability to sustain ballot access at a minimum?

I am here to serve, and if the answer is “no”, my decision is clear and made for me by you all. If the answer is “yes” I will step up and meet the challenge and the responsibility you have placed in my care.

Thank you for your opinions, and I look forward to abiding by your direction.

Best regards,

Steve Kerbel
Fellow Libertarian

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Steve Kerbel is a businessman, author, and former Libertarian Party candidate for President of the United States.