Announcing ‘Bad Arguments’: Champion Books’ Latest Publication!


Our very own Killian Hobbs, Managing Editor of Being Libertarian and former Journalism Director of Think Liberty, has brought us something new and exciting just in time for Independence Day in the United States. Coming 4 July, Bad Arguments: A Guide to Logic and Winning Debates, the latest book from Being Libertarian’s publishing arm, Champion Books, will finally be available on Amazon in both digital and physical forms.

In this book, Killian compiles a series of individual arguments that are commonly used in public discourse, and showcases how and why these arguments fail and fall short. Spliced in-between these breakdowns, Killian includes his own insights into the world of argumentation and debate. He examines the nature of modern argumentation and debate, how to read and identify your opposition, setting goals for your debates and arguments, and how to adjust and improve your own stances.

Through a mixture of personal anecdotes, philosophical insight, logical analysis, and humor, Bad Arguments: A Guide to Logic and Winning Debates will engage, educate, and entertain you. Whether the arguments are libertarian and in need of re-examination, or poor, repetitive arguments from statists, this book goes after them all. This new guide will make a great addition to the libraries of thinkers, debaters, and libertarians new and old, and can serve as a great learning tool for brushing up on your existing skills, or honing in on better ways to debate.

After Igniting Liberty: Voices for Freedom Around the World, Champion Books is proud to be able to include this debut offering from Killian, and looks forward to future works from him regarding liberty, philosophy, economics, and life itself. Bad Arguments: A Guide to Logic and Winning Debates is available for pre-orders of the digital copy now with the full release on 4 July. Make sure to check it out and start removing bad arguments from your life.

To celebrate our new book, we’ve also put our debut publication Igniting Liberty on sale for the next three days, so be sure to pick up a copy here!

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