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When it comes to making libertarianism more marketable to people, I've always tried to advocate realistic ideas. I looked at the issue of Medicare and Social Security and changed my tune from saying "Abolish it!" to "Let's make it better


Libertarians are, in all honesty, the cringe lords of Facebook. They’ve become the Jehovah’s witnesses of the internet. Libertarianism is a movement with a ton of wonderful people in it, many simply read paperwork on economics and policy, are very smart


This discussion has come up quite a bit recently and it's just the question to ask for the future of the liberty movement. Should the Libertarian Party (LP) bother to continue whatever it is they do? In 2016, they had the best


To start this off, let's just bash Republicans a bit. Republicans: are homophobic and bigoted towards gay people in most cases. have disturbing views against Muslims which rival a pre-Hitler Germany. are totally wrong on Hispanics who are hard-working people. would


Let's just say one very, very key thing. Student loan debt is a government made problem. It was something the taxpayers subsidized and the government helped manage and turn into this bizarre regulatory environment, attaching student loans to people in


How shockingly easy it is to replace the Tax Code with a 9% Flat Tax on Income over $75,000. This is a dream of mine: an age where taxes can be small and simple, where no single person pays over 10%


"He's predicted twenty of the last four recessions." That was a quote from a libertarian economist who I have a lot of respect for; however I haven’t asked if he'd like to be quoted on this or not so he will

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