Being a libertarian means being a radical conspiracy theorist


theoristIf I told you that there’s a giant conspiracy of well-connected powerful people who run the most powerful empire on Earth, have the ability to kill everyone on Earth all at once, are in secret talks with some of the most evil people on Earth to use violence and force to seize as many assets and political objectives as possible, and take over the world using their cronies and minions to accomplish their objectives using a variety of agents through secretive and diabolical means, would you call me crazy? And if I told you there’s an organized group of people who are in fact working tirelessly behind the scenes to take your individual liberties away in a most criminal fashion, would you think I’m insane?

Well, you see: there’s this thing called government. And political parties! Back in the day, most governments centered around a very visible “personality cult”. How else would a regime stay in power, other than having someone everyone rallied around, and a tight network among the ruling elites? An Egyptian Pharaoh was literally a god on Earth, and his priests lived quite well. Even Francis Bacon defended the divine right of kings in the dawning of the “age of reason”. Is there a single kingdom or government in history that wasn’t conspiratorially realized?

The presidential elections are all about personality cults – the Paulbots know this especially well. Where would Paul be without his “conspiracy” of internet supporters doing their conspiring to try to knock down the establishment? You can sure bet if there was a Paul Revolution, they would be conspiring all the same to accomplish their goals. All revolutions and movements revolve around a top-down powerbase of general personality cult which is led by an internal oligarchic authority – like Congress or the Politburo. There cannot exist any kind of order without a “conspiracy” of some kind, and what do these “orders” do in the first place, but seek their own gain and accomplishments? What is anything accomplished on a grand scale, but a conspiracy? What is the transfer of power, title, estate, wealth, and capabilities but a conspiracy to appoint whoever benefits the people in power? If the Spanish royalty can sell titles, why is that not a conspiracy, but if a lobbyist pays government to legislate what they want, it’s not?

Why are you anti-government in the first place? Do you think government tells lies? Misuses your taxes? Causes people in foreign countries to hate you personally? Spends your wealth that people voted Congress in, to spend? What are the anti-government reasons that make you the libertarian you are today?

Many of you are straight up an-caps who believe in everything a government scientist or statistician says. What exactly is your guideline of what makes you so anti-government, if you are not a conspiracy theorist? What conspiracy in the government are you claiming is so bad that you need to fight the system by raging against statists all day in a vain hope that they will not look at the libertarian movement as a bunch of egomaniac spoiled brats who have no jobs or business experience generally? What is it you believe is holding you down so bad, which makes you adopt the position you do? What group of people is it that you personally think are conspiring to hold down your rights and your economic opportunities?

If your answer is “government in general” and you believe that governments worldwide cannot be trusted, especially with corporatist/fascist collusion with cronies, well, welcome to Crazy Town! The population just went up! The crazy part is: it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Many libertarians take conspiracy theories to the point of believing that Israel is controlling the United States (the “Jews” thing plays handily especially in Federal Reserve arguments, and in another article I explain why the Fed is not as anti-libertarian as you think) and that the government is getting us ready to go to FEMA camps if we don’t salute the Communist-Islamic flag or something. The other extreme of libertarianism is the (often atheist) overemphasis of the concept of “conspiracy theory” as some kind of Canard to attack people’s beliefs and character because of their questioning of SCIENCE (ahhh, science, somehow government cronies are always objective about their findings magically) rather than address anything they are discussing about the credibility of the studies in question (or lack thereof such as in the case of numerous household chemicals). How many libertarians do you know that are anti-vaccine as well as anti-anti-vaccine? It seems the methodology of attacking the “conspiracy theory” crowd is to simply attempt to belittle them, call them dumb, socially ostracize them, hurt their feelings, and fling hostile vibes left and right.

All this while the pro-vaccine people are PLEADING with you to stop doing that and actually engage them and discuss their views in a rational manner.

Apparently the anti-anti-vax folks are the ones causing people to scratch their heads, with their inability to actually engage in civil discussion, let alone prove they know their own arguments or how to defend them.

Meanwhile, your entire “conspiracy theory” of why you are a libertarian in the first place has just suddenly turned upside down into a defense of the statist operations and their official numbers that you’re supposed to not blindly swallow. It seems the only government you would accuse of being in on the conspiracy on this issue would be Russia. “Big Organic” must have gotten to Putin. And never mind that China won’t even eat the food they export to the US. There’s no possible way the US would conspire with the Chinese to ship food that’s not fit even for their own citizens.

Was MK Ultra a conspiracy? Was Project Northwoods on the table? Are you claiming one can only believe in conspiracies that were proven decades ago? Or that current evidence cannot be discussed until governments themselves support it? Does the government not engage in conspiracies on a daily basis? Is the CIA not a conspiracy in itself? Aren’t all the organizations you want to get rid of, all conspiracies, using their connections and friends in power to stay entrenched and keep the money spigots flowing? What is and isn’t a conspiracy to you?

Isn’t the very concept of public workers agreeing to charge taxpayers for their pensions without a vote, a criminal conspiracy? Are you spending your precious time opposing them and waking people up to the fact that they can legislate to get rid of pensions? Never thought of that one?

Many Libertarians these days have adopted a very purist anti-‘conspiracy theory’ stance by demanding people to believe in whatever various government ministries and their visible in daylight cronies say. They also try to root out “conspiracy theorists” from the movement in some kind of hope that by doing so the movement will see the light of reason or something and attract mainstream independents. What exactly are you hoping to accomplish? What is their priorities? Which conspiracy are they most focused on cracking? What’s the objective?

Government is conspiracy. Governments conspire every day to do all kinds of things you don’t like. So why are you focusing on people who are against vaccines and GMOs? Is an outbreak of 6 curable measles cases so much worse for you than all the kids who die from easily preventable things? Taking guns away would cause fewer kids to die than stopping vaccines. Why exactly do you need protection from Hepatitis B, exactly? Anyways, that would be a conspiracy to second guess what Uncle Sam and all his Western government buddies agree on.

If you are so anti-‘conspiracy theory’, start looking into the conspiracies of the federal offices you despise so much. Start looking into who colludes with whom to produce what result; who is responsible for what legislation; who is trying to accomplish what aim with what. Wasting your time by attacking people for distrusting what government says won’t gain you supporters.

Remember what being a libertarian is about: questioning the broad daylight conspiracies.

* Brian S. Sherman is a ‘Crazy Conspiracy Crackpot’ who wants a better world for rational people to make money. Fighting for Truth and Wisdom; and the American Way.

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