The Case Against Hillary Clinton


CoQqp5RW8AA5aRcFeminism is an interesting concept in that it’s claiming that there are power imbalances between men and women that desperately need to be addressed. Marxism is a similar claim about power
imbalances between wealth classes that desperately need to be addressed. The Black Lives Matter movement claims that their power imbalances between races that desperately need to be addressed. They all claim there are the empowered and the marginalized. Feminism as an ideology despises the consolidation of power.

In the American political context the right believes that too much power has been consolidated in Washington. The left believes that too much power has been consolidated on Wall St. Mrs. Clinton is for both an expanded government and she’s on the payroll for the big banks. She’s completely contrary to the core of feminist ideology as she is for greater power for those that
already have it.

She exposed the depth of her anti-feminist thinking when her husband was very credibly accused of sexually assaulting Juanita Broaddrick. Many of the details of Broaddrick’s story were verified by the media and corroborated by her friends. Hillary could have used the incident to make a real stand on horrific issue and champion a legitimate feminist cause; instead she baselessly claimed Broaddrick was a liar and had been discredited. Rape victims not being believed is a major problem in this central issue facing women and Hillary was eager to throw fuel onto that destructive fire. I can hardly thinking of a more crushing defeat of feminism to than to elect Hillary.

The consolidation of power in Washington and Wall St. is also excessively problematic. Deficit spending sounds like a good idea to stimulate the economy, but at $19 trillion dollars of debt, should interest rates rise to 20% they way they have in my lifetime then interest payments alone will exceed 100% of the Americans’ federal revenue. It’s a great program for those financing the debt but it’s threatening to destroy their country. Quantitative easing is another great program for big banks; it’s a process where money is printed into existence from the Federal Reserve buy bank securities but unfortunately having the consequence of devaluing the dollar making everyone poorer. I can’t stress how both deficit spending in general and quantitative easing are disastrous for people especially the poor and how wonderful they are for bank shareholders. Having just returned from a trip to Greece I can subjectively attest that this is not theory it’s reality; expanding the government is the surest way to enlarge a wealth gap. The hyperinflation in China, Germany, Hungary, Singapore and Zimbabwe were all caused by the same economic practices that the US currently employs, that leave the average citizen with enormous costs of living. Having the most powerful member of the US executive branch on that payroll of big banks is an unmitigated disaster for the US and world economy.

And on the world stage, the American political context has presented us with a false dichotomy but a dichotomy nonetheless. There are those on the left who believe that Isis originated as a result of the war in Iraq. There are those on the right who believe that Isis originated as a result of a poorly-executed withdrawal from Iraq. In any event it’s hard to emancipate Mrs. Clinton from the accusation that her foreign policy insights are lacking. She both voted for the war in Iraq and was Secretary of State during the withdrawal one way or another she’s made a very serious blunder.

The Middle East is in more chaos than it was prior to her involvement. Clinton was directly responsible for NATO efforts toward a regime change creating a power vacuum in Libya that gave rise to various militias. She supported rebels in Egypt, which led to the Muslim Brotherhood and rigged elections. Clinton counseled Obama to support Syrian rebels with weapons; eventually he did and many of those weapons wound up in the hands of ISIS. Her track record is such that it’s puzzling as to why she’s asking for a promotion. Her resume is impressive in the jobs she’s held, Obama is right when he says she may be the most qualified person ever running for office; but her actual performance in these jobs is sub-par at best.

The latest round of WikiLeaks emails having been released suggests she’s comfortable with rigged elections in her own country. Her campaign’s control over both the Democratic Party and the media are difficult to overlook. When Clinton has control over the media and her party there is a level of consolidation of power, which is incompatible with how the US executive branch is suppose to function.

Her being at the opposite end of feminism is precisely why she’s not fit to be president. She offers cosmetic reforms for feminist issues and poverty that don’t address the real core of either of those issues. The governmental collusion with the financial sector more properly belongs an episode of The Twilight Zone rather than in politics. The history of her judgment on foreign policy has destabilized a region and led to greater terrorism. I’m a proud member of the Never Trump movement but Hillary Clinton is no alternative.

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Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby has a philosophy degree from the University of New Brunswick and is a current MBA candidate finishing his thesis. He is an AML officer specializing in hedge funds in the Cayman Islands, owns a real estate company in Canada, and has been in the financial industry since 2004. He is the director of Being Libertarian - Canada and the president of the Libertarian Party of Canada.

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