David Duke Endorses Omar, Tlaib Among Claims of Anti-Semitism


David Duke, former KKK Grand Wizard, praised freshmen congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib this week for their remarks on Israeli “dual-loyalty” that has been widely condemned as anti-Semitic by everyone but rank-and-file Democrats. On his website and podcast, Duke, who has belonged to the Republican, Democrat, Nazi, Populist, and Reform parties, “heaped praise on Ilhan Omar for being the one person in Congress willing to notice AIPAC and the ‘dual’ loyalty of many (((members of Congress)))” and lauded Tlaib for causing Zionists to “expose… single loyalty to Israel and the Global Tribe!”

For those unaware, the triple parentheses are used online to indicate a Jewish conspirator, and “dual-loyalty” is an idea that Jewish people have an allegiance to Israel with or even before their allegiance to the United States, as hinted by Duke’s “single loyalty” comment. The phrase has long been considered an anti-Semitic dog whistle, and Ilhan’s controversy started when she implied members of Congress were bought off by AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and then questioned whether supporters of Israel had an issue with allegiance to the United States. It overshadowed the issue of whether Congress should condemn or take legal action against the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction movement, which sparked Ilhan’s words.

The endorsement was not covered by CNN and company, and was only reported by The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, and the Daily Wire. This is in stark contrast to the coverage received by the alt-right leader’s kind words to Donald Trump in 2016 and Tulsi Gabbard this year. Trump blundered before denouncing the former Klan leader, but Tulsi made no such error. Regardless, both were pressed on the unsolicited endorsements, while no one at CNN or The Washington Post seems to know.

The House passed a condemnation of anti-Semitism today, with all Democrats, including Tlaib and Omar, voting yes.

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Andrew Bartholomew

Andrew Bartholomew is a politics and election news writer from Iowa City, Iowa. He has previously worked for Young Americans for Liberty and was most recently the political director for a Republican congressional bid.


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