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  • Carli
    January 16, 2017

    dude :>

  • Allen Jorgensen
    January 17, 2017

    Beautifully stated. Every man and woman should always to live in a way that they need to make as few apologies for their personal choices as possible. When we need to and make an apology we need to work to try to make it right. Every one of us should never apologize for the choices of any other human being. the time in each lifetime is far too scarce to waste on that.

  • Hamma Time
    January 17, 2017

    So long as state institutions continue racism, it will not end. Entitling someone to something because of race is literally the exact same thing as barring them from it, because of race. This is precisely what happens each and every election cycle with liberal politicians. They show up dividing everyone into the smallest groups they can, often pit them against each other in the hopes that the conversation remains on the division they force instead of how they’ve failed to do anything they’ve promised to do. Each election cycle they remain in power, and their failures continue. The fact is that their policies keep EVERYONE down as a whole, and the only ones who benefit are those who foot the bill for them to get back into office.

    Regardless the letter that follows their name, the results are ALWAYS the same. The Ds use racism and social groups for their efforts, the Rs use people who are tired of the same old policies being pushed. In the end, they are one in the same. The constituents are let down, they blame the other side, but they BOTH do the same thing. Ds help THEIR BUDDIES while in office, and the Rs help theirs. Same cycle, same group of winners. We’ve broken the cycle this election however. Trump’s power came from the people, not the lobbyists or large donors. He bucked the entire system, and as a result is being attacked from all sides. Big business, big media, even the spooks are after him. Thankfully it doesn’t affect him and he keeps on trucking.

    He is about to remove the leash of the gov from the people, and good things will follow.

  • Zahimara Merz
    January 17, 2017

    This article really says what I have been feeling and saying for a long time. Very well said! I wish more of us who take notice and wake up.

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