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"Once scapegoating has begun, the echo chamber amplifies it and hatred is inevitable. White, cisgender, heterosexual, men have been scapegoated by the left. Immigrants and trade deals have been scapegoated by the right. The evidence is overwhelming that trade deals

"Tolerance is acceptance. It isn’t agreement. I do not have to agree that you are making good decisions for yourself in order to accept that they are your decisions to make. Tolerance means that in order to get along in

In April of this year I had to attend compulsory research methodology classes at the University of Pretoria in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree I am currently completing. One would imagine that research methodology is a straightforward

"Trudeau was overwhelmed at the prospect of keeping his central campaign promise to address our democratic deficit. He now hides behind it. When pressed about his deficits he’ll make the unbearably light claim Canadians voted for them - when in

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