1. Incredibly excellent article!! Just remember it’s abortion prohibitionists who cause the most problems. There are lots of pro-lifers who do NOT want the government involved. But they must make that very clear or people WILL assume they do. As for the most badgering individuals, how many are just GOP flunkies and prohibitionist fanatics out to destroy the party? One must wonder…

    • Some of us think the baby in the womb is a human being. And is worthy of the same dignity and the rights every human being has in the U.S.A. The only differences is one is out of the womb and the other is not.

      • You have a right to believe what you want. But most pro-life libertarians are libertarian enough to know that laws against abortion make the problem worse and have sometimes unimaginable consequences as this article so expertly details! One not mentioned is that women who would have had abortions in the 4-8th week end up having them in the 15th or even 20th week because anti-abortion regulations make it so hard and expensive to get an abortion earlier. How can THAT be pro-life???

        We really do have to run the abortion PROHIBITIONISTS out of the Libertarian Party for good, IMHO.

        • The destruction of your own species is insane. Not allowing a life to live is against the constitution. Read the Preamble to the constitution. Yes it is part of the constitution. “secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity ” is giving liberty to our children. But if you murder them in the womb before they are born is insane.
          And kicking out people with a different opinion than your is also very telling of your anti freedom and anti constitutional. 1st Amendment free speech do’s not apply to those you disagree with. And life is being denied by you to those that are “the least of these “.

          • No one is kicking anyone out. The party has every prerogative to have a platform. The party is overwhelmingly pro-choice.

          • Libertarians are NOT constitutionalists. We believe in the Declaration of Independence. The right to alter or abolish govt. Even Thomas Jefferson said the US constitution was just an experiment. One that has failed and lead to tyranny. The LP is against tyranny. And people who come in pushing govt tyranny are going to be told to get out. Hey, the LP chair told the white supremacists get out for just being bigots, without the supremacists even declaring loudly their statist intentions. One of those happens to be outlawing abortion to make sure there are More White Babies. (Some supremacists think abortion is still good for brown and black people.) Anyway, it’s always better for people to understand what this article says: UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES of government are the bigger problem in the abortion issue. Including women having to have later term abortions because they can’t afford/arrange earlier ones.

          • “Libertarians are not constitutionalist.”
            Well you better tell the libertarian writers on this site.
            Because they do believe in the Constitution. And thank God they do.
            The rest of your rant is Bolshevik BS.
            Are you an ANTIFA Bolshevik member, or a NAZI supporter?
            Both are the same with different uniforms and signs.

          • Name me a libertarian who will use military force against secessionists. Libertarians who think people have a right to secede either think it’s already in the constitution, or put Declaration of Independence above the constitution or just think the constitution is irrelevant. What’s the difference between the three, if it means eventual dissolution of the union and most of its states to smaller entities?

          • Another un-cohesive BS rant. Using diversion and deflection to undermine the national unity. But stupid is as stupid does. You have a right to make stupid comments. And I will defend your right to be stupid.
            So you changing the subject means I won the abortion argument, right?

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