How To End Mass Murder


Some form of mass murder happens about everyday in America. Mass killing is a relatively new phenomenon, but if you’re a young person it’s hard to remember a time where this wasn’t the norm. For the past 16 years we’ve seen a dramatic increase in these events.

Many folks like to point to guns as the problem, but Americans have always owned guns and in fact, gun ownership is at its lowest rate in 40 years. There’s something different going on here; there’s something happening culturally.

The mass murderer’s mentality is: I don’t care if you like me, I don’t care if you hate me, in fact I want you to hate me, I know you won’t respect me, but you will remember my name. We give these maniacs exactly what they want by putting their faces on television and magazines, but the media’s complete willingness to submit to these terrorists’ wishes doesn’t explain why this is actually happening in the first place.

Gun ownership rates aren’t the only thing hitting multigenerational lows; sex rates are low as well. You may ask yourself, What in the world does sex have to do with violence? I suggest you put on a wildlife documentary about Africa. Sex and violence go together like dolphins and water; they are evolutionarily linked together.

I don’t believe millennial men aren’t interested in sex. I think it’s been a muddied topic, it’s been made too complicated; there’s no clear definition of rape anymore. Many men are just giving up because they don’t want to deal with the trouble.

The easiest solution I see to this issue is the legalization of prostitution. A currency transaction is far less complicated than the current state of sexual affairs that men are rapidly giving up on. Millennials love instant gratification and going to a bar and flirting for three hours just isn’t quick enough for the modern 20-something.

The lack of sexual relations is having a negative effect on our society. Women are constantly complaining about men’s sexual aggressiveness on dating apps such as Tinder. The legalization of prostitution would fix a lot of modern day problems.

Who would shoot up a kindergarten when you could go get a blowjob from some dime piece for $50? No one. Everyone would take the $50 blowjob. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at these mass murderers; they’re all sexually repulsive. We like to think that we as human beings are past our primal nature, but it’s simply not the case.

Testosterone is a hell of a hormone and when you’re reaching your sexual peak and you’re still sexually unsatisfied; it’s no wonder these young men are going mad. There are plenty of economical reasons to legalize prostitution, but I’m giving you an actual moral one. This is a voluntary transaction with both parties involved getting what they want. If you go to a deli and get a ham sandwich; the deli owner doesn’t feel violated, he got what he wanted and so did you. It’s really quite simple; legalize prostitution, end mass murder.

* Christian Farrar is a young man who is dedicated and determined to dig out a unique voice in a world where there already too many. He fights for what he believes is right and that is libertarianism. He often finds himself frustrated with the apathy his fellow man feels as far as the world today. He loves the funny side of the dark side, but that doesn’t mean he finds life meaningless.

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