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Eric July – Our New Producer & Head of Talent Development

Being Libertarian’s Multimedia Director, Michael J. Mazzarone, announced today that BackWordz’s lead singer and libertarian activist Eric July will be the Multimedia Department’s first Head of Talent Development and a producer for Being Libertarian’s upcoming media network.

Eric will facilitate recruiting and building a team of individuals who will play vital roles throughout Being Libertarians’ various multimedia productions. He will also aid in negotiating deals and finding possible monetization opportunities, bringing numerous resources and connections from his work from BackWordz as well as his own public persona.

Mazzarone said “This venture has been one of Being Libertarian’s longest and most planned out projects. For the past few months it has taken on the forms of various incarnations and gone to the drawing board several times. Due to Eric’s status and experience in television, marketing, activism, and politics on the whole, I have no doubt we will be able to put together something truly special for our audience. What we are planning is sorely lacking within the libertarian community. Eric and I will be building a coalition together and a rotation of top notch talent, in which the Being Libertarian audience will become familiar with in the coming weeks and months. A more in-depth and formal announcement can be expected within that time frame as well.”

July had the following to say: “Although I’m one of the co-founders of Being Libertarian, I could not previously commit to such a prominent role. This was mainly due to time constraints and the unprecedented growth of BackWordz. But many of those obligations have now been delegated to other individuals which now requires me to only oversee and give the green light on decision making. I am now in a position to assist in transitioning our network into the media giant that it has the potential to become. Over the last decade I’ve been blessed with experience, resources and connections, due to maneuvering through the music industry and being a spokesman. And for the last 5 years, those experiences have had the message of libertarianism attached to it. I’ve become familiar with many different forms of media. I look forward to scouting, developing talents, and scoping future opportunities for our network. Being Libertarian has seen so much growth in several departments over the last year, and I’m thankful to be a part of this team.”

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