ANNOUNCEMENT: Igniting Liberty Is Officially Available!

Igniting liberty

Our long awaited book Igniting Liberty: Voices for Freedom Around the World is now available!

Writers from across continents and disciplines cut through the fake news to expose how your freedoms are being stolen. Overflowing with powerful statistics and unique, compelling arguments, Igniting Liberty is a must-have for liberty enthusiasts and political debaters everywhere. In fact, it’s already the best-selling new release in the “Natural Law” and “Military Policy” categories.

Read an exclusive excerpt from the Editors’ Introduction below, and then go to Amazon to get your copy today!

“Over one hundred years ago, Vladimir Lenin penned The Spark, prophesying that his communist dream would catch on like wildfire. From that spark sprung an inferno of parasitic ideologies and governments, which, in the century that followed, scorched half the world, killing millions and enslaving billions.

In 1990, with the demolition of the Berlin Wall, the world let out a collective sigh of relief as the inferno of authoritarian collectivism was finally pronounced dead. Almost three decades later, we now know this sigh to have been premature. The forces of socialism, cronyism, nationalism, and statism continue to jeopardize freedom around the world. No country, however “Westernized” or “progressive,” is immune to the rising flames. We must fight fire with fire. We must ignite liberty.”

And here’s what Larry Sharpe, 2018 Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate for the state of New York, had to say about the book in his Foreword:

“The authors examine what others call “common sense” and question it. They look at axioms and test them. They look at norms and confront them. In some cases, you will agree. In others, you won’t. In some cases, you’ll see the struggles that you and those you know and love have gone through (and how the government likely made them worse). And in other cases, you won’t feel a connection at all. But you will be forced to think, and you should savor that opportunity. I did. It’s worth the read because you’ll mull over the topics for days after. You might even change a perspective you’ve held all your life.”

Igniting Liberty is winning over Amazon readers and famous libertarians alike. Get your copy today!

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Adam Barsouk

Adam Barsouk is a student of medicine and health policy at Jefferson Medical College and a cancer researcher at the University of Pittsburgh. His family’s escape from the Soviet Union, and his experiences in the lab and the clinic, have inspired him to restore liberty to healthcare and the other depraved sectors of American life.


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