1. “The people United States of America have never been less free than they are today.”

    Um . . . you’re not black are you? Or, a woman, right?

    • However, it was the non-blacks and men who set them free. And if you believe they wrested their freedom from their oppressors, you validated the point of this article. Seems in today’s U.S., we’re coming together on most issues, albeit the hard way, and see the government as the problem. It controls the education of our children, management of our land, earned money we’re allowed to keep, what may be said, how we protect ourselves and even the amount of sugar required to label a sugar cookie a sugar cookie. Seems time for radical reduction to the principles of national defense, interstate peace and … umm, well I’m sure I’ll think of some other things we need.

    • It is one thing to have your body enslaved, It is another to have your mind enslaved. Not saying that slaves were more free than today, but certainly less free in many different ways. It’s also worth noting that technically slaves weren’t citizens so they wouldn’t fit into the “people of the United States” category.

  2. This article is wrong about Hoover, he wasn’t “hands off”, he implemented a bunch of banking regulations.

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