Let’s Go Brandon! Now for Kids!

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Every once in a while, a definitive piece of literature comes about that changes how we view art. This is not it, but it’s still damn funny. In the new picture book from Derek Smith titled “Let’s Go Brandon!” We get to follow a fellow down on his luck by the name of Brandon inspired to achieve new heights as he is met with constant cheers and encouragement from those around him.

This satirical illustrated book tells a humorous story in its short 22 pages with a punchline that let’s you know its tongue is planted firmly in its cheek. While it may come across to some more cynical parties as a move to simply capitalize on the Let’s Go Brandon wave this particular booklet was made with the intention of donating part of the proceeds to veterans.

Whether to have it as a piece capturing the viral meme about the “beloved” President Joe Biden, as a gag gift, or simply to help with the veterans, this book is a great option. May we all find the encouragement and support that Brandons everywhere have been experiencing!

The book is available here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B09KNB3N49

Let’s Go Brandon!

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