Maduro Kicks Diplomats From Venezuela As America Recognizes Juan Guaido As President


Of the many countries that are currently suffering from overbearing central planning, Venezuela has a tendency to be in the conversation. For the past 6 years, Nicolas Maduro has extensively adopted the socialist economic planning from his predecessor, Hugo Chavez. This has led to a humanitarian crisis, with widespread protests and demonstrations against Maduro and the United Socialist Party. Due to his totalitarian methods of conducting his policies, he has been inflicted with international condemnation and sanctions. His latest election has been deemed nothing more than an illegitimate seizure of power, with many viewing his presidency as an authoritarian dictatorship.

Today marks one of Maduro’s greatest tests in his tenure as president. The United States and other world leaders have declared Maduro’s recent claim as president as illegitimate, and instead recognizes his political opponent, Juan Guaido, as the interim president of Venezuela. In response, Maduro and his government have announced they are breaking both diplomatic and political relations with the United States, and demands US diplomats leave the country within 72 hours.

Since the Venezuelan election that took place earlier this month, Maduro refused to peacefully transfer his power. This is rooted in Maduro’s calculated move to remove the constitutionally elected legislature of Venezuela in 2017, and replace them with a separate body known as the Constituent Assembly, made up of his supporters, to ensure he maintains his seat in office. On January 10th, the National Assembly made a bold attempt to reassert its authority by declaring Maduro’s recent re-election invalid, and instead declaring the earlier mentioned Juan Guaido, who is currently the president of the National Assembly, as Venezuela’s official and constitutionally backed president.

After the National Assembly’s assertion, foreign nations and other international organizations with interests began taking sides in the standoff. In particular, the Organization of American States and the European Union recognize and support the National Assembly, while countries such as Russia, Mexico, and Iran have opted to support Maduro.

With a collapsing economy, widespread corruption, and a multitude of other detrimental issues currently plaguing Venezuela, this power struggle appears to be a climactic stage in the future of Venezuela.

UPDATE: US Government issues statement that they will not be complying with the demand to leave as they do not recognize Maduro as having the authority. Read the statement below

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Logan Davies

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