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"While I don’t believe the European Union was taking advantage of America as a whole, I applaud President Trump for liberalizing trade with Europe. His tactics seemed immature and spontaneous, but the result is lower tariffs and freer markets for

"Don't those with Trump Derangement Syndrome want Mueller to have a more thorough investigation of Russian/Trump collusion in the 2016 election?" asks managing editor Dillon Eliassen in this edition of Shortcuts & Delusions.

"If Trump’s critics continue on this wayward path of criticizing him with invalid objections, they will lose political discussions. His supporters will win the argument. Late night comedians will continue to make jokes, Democrats will continue to cry treason, and

"While Kennedy’s rulings have not all been according to the doctrines of libertarianism, his stances on affirmative action programs, gun control, and free speech made him a great supporter of the libertarian movement. We can only hope that whomever President

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