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"Not one thought is given to the fact that this is a woman who simply married the man she loved. No, she's a political vessel for the cause: She can either maintain the 'status quo' of British royalty, or challenge it and

The election in the United Kingdom has demonstrated that, once again, young people are far more left-leaning than the rest of the electorate. A recent poll has shown that the socialist Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is far more popular among

Speaking two years ago at the Conservative Party manifesto launch, British Prime Minister David Cameron made a pledge to restore the United Kingdom’s entrepreneurial spirit. “In Britain, we’ve always shown we have the ingredients, the will to overturn what’s inevitable”,

At the Conservative Party Conference in October, Prime Minister Theresa May went out of her way to call libertarians her enemy. She even said freedom lovers are as dangerous to the future of Britain as socialists. I’m not sure where she

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