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Donald Trump is not an easy man to like. He campaigned and delivered on deficits at a time of rising interest rates. He campaigned and delivered on killing innocent people in the Middle East. He campaigned on a ban on Muslims entering his country and delivered a ban on six Islamic countries – none of whom had anything to do with the 9/11 terror attacks. They also dislike his closeness with Russia.

Yet most of the criticisms of Trump seem to be much ado about nothing. For example, his critics criticize him for trying to pay less tax; as a tax consultant, I can confirm I’ve never had any of my clients, regardless of their political affiliation, ask me to ensure they pay their fair share – they’re all desirous to pay less in tax.

This latest fiasco appears to be in line with Trump’s criticisms. The Mueller investigation had an interesting reveal recently – it was, in fact, Russia who found out the Democrats attempted to steal the U.S. election, and yet the late night comedians expect me to believe this is Trump’s fault. This isn’t interference with an election, its exposing interference with an election.

The media spin on this story is immense.

The Democrats were being undemocratic attempting to usurp an American election, the Russians and Wikileaks exposed this, and somehow this is Trump’s doing. Every patriotic and democratic American ought to thank the Russians for protecting the integrity of American democracy for exposing the treachery of the Democratic Party.

The only image I can conjure about this level of spin and mental programming is that of a manufacturing conveyor belt, where the material goes on the moving belt, then goes through a chamber, and comes out looking entirely different. A story that should utterly disqualify the current slate of Democrats from running for office goes on the belt, it then goes through the media spin, and comes out looking bad for Trump.

The Republican reaction is reflexive, their love of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) doesn’t permit criticism and as a result, many Republicans are also criticizing Trump. The CIA budget for interfering with an election in Italy was $65 million. They have disposed of democratically elected governments in the Iran, Guatemala, Brazil, Indonesia, Haiti, and Libya. They’ve committed acts of terrorism in Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Laos, and Syria. The CIA has also committed war crimes in the Koreas, Cambodia, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

The most dangerous terrorist organization Trump has to contend with isn’t ISIS or Al Qaeda, it’s the CIA. The CIA will complain that others interfere with America’s democracy and yet they themselves expect absolvement with their own anti-liberty actions. The hypocrisy is overwhelming and my sympathy as an outsider, to America, is non-existent.

Not only does America fail in warranting non-interference, if their righteousness was beyond repute they would actually deserve to be informed of the rampant corruption within the Democratic Party.

If Trump’s critics continue on this wayward path of criticizing him with invalid objections, they will lose political discussions. His supporters will win the argument. Late night comedians will continue to make jokes, Democrats will continue to cry treason, and Trump will win another election.

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Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby has a philosophy degree with the University of New Brunswick. He works for a Cayman Island hedge fund service firm, owns a real estate company, and has been in the financial industry since 2004. He is the director of Being Libertarian - Canada. He is a member of the People’s Party of Canada and the Libertarian Party of Canada.