Doth Protest Too Much: Australia Communist Collusion


Welcome back to Doth Protest Too Much, my column series which allows me to give the anarchist’s perspective on a range of topics, both on theory and current affairs.

The topic facing us in this edition is one from my home country and the home to many seemingly free individuals: Australia.

“Seemingly free?” you may ask, “but David, besides the strict regulations on firearms, the heavy taxation rates and failing war on drugs, how are the Australian people remotely subject to government oppression?!”

The ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Operation) recently put out information which tied a billionaire property developer with the Chinese Communist Party, after a recent attempt at a multi-million dollar donation towards The Australian National University.

Ah, well, I suppose we can forgive one isolated incident of dodgy (attempted) dealings in our fair land…

But alas, Mr Zhou’s presence in the Labor Party (as ALP party officer) might have also come as a bit of a shock to the system when an ABC-Fairfax Four Corners program managed to probe deep into Mr. Zhou’s history as a Sydney gold trader implicated in pro-Beijing lobbies and a multi-million dollar tax scam.

Along with these shady altercations, in Australia’s largest left wing party, was a Chinese donor deciding to withdraw his offer after Stephen Conroy had supported the navigation of the South China Sea.

The same article (which reported on the Australian Labor Party having a lot of ties with China) also alleged that Mr. Robb, from the Liberal Party (dealing with the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement), left his job last year and picked up a position working alongside a billionaire who had involvement in the Chinese Communist Party. In fact, the Sydney Morning Herald further states that Mr Robb’s new position is lining his pocket to the grand ol’ tune of (approximately) 880,000 dollars per year – under the wing of Chinese Communist billionaires.

Despite anti-Russian sentiment sweeping the screens of every channel in the United States, our televisions are tuned to static nonsense, as the reality of Communist-clad corruption is swept under Australia’s proverbial rug despite the mounting evidence piling up at every turn.

My humble opinion on the matter is that Vladimir Putin is accused at every turn of either wanting to go to war with the United States or of puppeteering Trump from one executive order to the next.

But the truth is that Putin’s relevancy to the United States is not as pressing as the force which we face, through major political parties being blatantly subject to corruption from parties and ideologies which have historically fuelled enough mass-murder to put Adolf to shame.

For Australia to be free, our democracy, whatever is left of it in a centrist duopoly, must be protected at all costs before it is too late.

Perhaps Putin is more of a threat than Mao Zedong “try-hards,” perhaps Communism really is the dangerous force history has proven it to be, or perhaps I doth protest too much.

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David McManus

David McManus has an extensive background in youth politics and of advocacy with regards to the libertarian and anarcho-capitalist movements. David draws his values from the works of Stirner, Hoppe and Rothbard. He is currently a student in Australia with a passion for writing, which carries into a healthy zest for liberty-based activism. Despite an aspiring career in politics, he considers himself a writer at heart with a steady niche for freelance work.