Candidate Dan Delaney On The Race For Congress


October 6, 2016 – Jersey City, New Jersey

This past spring Dan Delaney announced his candidacy as the Libertarian option for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District.

Over the years, Dan has noticed the inefficiencies of the federal government grow larger, spending continue to spiral out of control, and the flawed two-party system prevent making any progress toward getting America back on track. The time is now for a third party option to shake things up, paving the way for Libertarian candidates to finally make a statement in the polls. The key principles of Dan’s campaign include personal and economic freedom, a free market to help our economy flourish, limiting government spending, and decreasing military presence in foreign countries while securing our land back home.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Dan obtained his Bachelors degree in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, and is currently employeed as a web developer. He has lived in Hoboken since 2008, and has made the vibrant and young town his campaign headquarters. Dan can be described as hard-working, cutting-edge, and a diplomatic visionary.

Since making the decision to run for Congress, his campaign has made strides. He obtained the signatures required to get on the ballot, and is continuously raising funds for the campaign. Followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are increasing daily as Dan uses these platforms to engage his constituents. (Instagram: @dandelaneyforcongress; Twitter: @danforcongress; Facebook: Dan Delaney for Congress). His campaign has been featured twice on the popular libertarian website “Being Libertarian”, with articles and interviews to be released in the coming weeks by various media outlets.

The 2016 election should prove to be a pivotal moment for the Libertarian Party. The United States is one of the few nations in the world where the two-party system still dominates, severely limiting the choices of voters. The disgruntled public should not feel tied to only two choices – now is the time to embrace the alternative and send a message to the establishment in Washington.

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