The Case for Censorship

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Remember when Kanye West said “President Bush does not care about black people” while standing next to a distraught-looking Mike Meyers? That was a simpler time.

Remember the music that came out during that same era? So many artists denounced the Bush administration. Both Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails created albums annoyingly political in nature. And yet, that was a simpler time.

Remember when you watched Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD before it became overtly political? The final straw for me was when an African-American character stated, “and I thought my mother was bad when she started watching Fox News.” No black man would say that about his mother. But alas, that was a simpler time.

Fast-forward to today, and we find ourselves living in a reality where Democrats have adopted Antifa’s tactics. I’ll never forget seeing Kavanaugh’s daughters rushed out of his hearing as paid protesters stood up and shouted their nonsensical statements during what should have been an otherwise benign affair. A good man was tarnished and attacked for no reason because these are trying times in which we live.

President Donald Trump is no Kavanaugh, though. He has skeletons in his closets. And thanks to the GOP losing the House, it can be safely assumed that the next two years will entail nonstop investigations. Once these baseless inquiries start issuing their subpoenas, men and women inside the Trump administration will undoubtedly disappear into a haze of legal bills. Combined with Robert Mueller’s trophy hunting, friends and colleagues of Trump will continue to fall by the wayside or morph into Democrat songbirds for the purpose of avoiding bankruptcy or jail time or both. General Flynn, for example, should have never been treated as poorly as he was.

The lack of civility shown in today’s politics borders on outright cruelty. You would think it would reach a saturation point, but it hasn’t. Progressive bannermen like Don Lemon will ensure the message of malevolence furthers onward toward newer and greater heights. And recently, I have noticed such an achievement.

Most outlets actively portray Trump and his supporters as unhinged white supremacist neo-Nazi xenophobic blah-blah-blah nationalists. For instance, one could infer Trump is the new Grand Wizard of the KKK with the way he is discussed in Ebony.

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The level of vitriol writers and talking-heads have against this man makes me wish Trump would enact a new version of the Alien and Sedition Act if only for the sake of calming down the rhetoric. After all, it wasn’t that long ago a group of GOP representatives had 70 rounds of ammunition shot at them on a baseball field.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be a psychiatrist to conclude the constant drumbeat of negativity against the Trump administration and his allies will trigger another act of violence. Free speech is good so long as it is sincere and true. But that is not the case with today’s national dialogue. Today, we are living in the world of 1984. Everything is doublespeak and party-line platitudes. And our media is no longer in the business of telling the truth. All of this feels like the second act of a very macabre play. Therefore, in my ever so humble opinion, the beast we call free speech… needs tempering.

I don’t know what the answer is to cure or curb the nonstop word vomit that is our national dialogue. I know Big Tech is isolating the wrong crowd by banning the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes, and our benevolent national broadcasters are canceling the wrong shows like Last Man Standing and Roseanne.

At this point, I wonder if China isn’t right to censor its people. For instance, their nation moves forward because no one can look back at the Tiananmen Square incident. How much better off would we be as a nation if similar black marks in our history could be forgotten? No more slavery… civil war… civil rights… Tuskegee Trials… everything and everyone could just… heal.

Prove me wrong; but how is constantly revisiting the worst parts of American History doing us any favors? The way I see it, we’re just supporting and nurturing future social justice warriors.

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