Escaping the Liberal Plantation: The Story of a Runaway


plantation house

So here’s the thing: I’m a gay male… “What’s so important about that?” you may find yourself asking. The answer should be “nothing”, but here is why it is.

Since the day I publically came out, the “progressive” left has attempted again and again to press its red-hot brander upon my skin to mark me part of its political property. It thought it could add me to their ranks of other LGBTs, Blacks, Hispanics, women, the non-religious, etc. by throwing me a political bone here and there, and making me feel like I needed them, because as they say, “You’re a victim, we can help you and fight for you!”

They were wrong…

I knew I wasn’t going to live in the grand white house with its massive verandas and big Greek columns. I knew as soon as I would have stepped onto its turf I’d be ushered around back to shacks where they kept all of us “oppressed minorities” and wouldn’t be let out but once every four years to make sure Massa’ stayed in the big house. Instead, I was the one who turned around and ran, and Massa’ hates anyone who doesn’t comply with his orders. He’ll hunt them down until they either come back or die.

And if you want to stay free, unlike for real slaves of the past, there isn’t any political Mason-Dixon line, or refuge across Lake Eire in Canada. You have to keep running.

Yet as long as you stay running you are an individual, and as Ayn Rand said about individuals…

“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

According to Rand’s definition, the left is by no means a defender of minorities. It has instead harnessed the great power of identity politics to divide the people of the American nation and pit them against one another.  They gladly support minorities to do as follows:

  • Women must be hyper-feminists and attack men because of “the patriarchy” that subjugates them to “second class citizenship” and lower wages.

(Looking like pompous idiots because they seem oblivious to the fact that real patriarchy exists in the many regions of the Middle East where women can’t drive, vote, or receive an education. While also ignoring that women are often paid less because they more often major in low-payout degrees than do men as a whole.)

  • Gays must throw a fit and legally challenge straight religious business owners because they won’t provide them with cake or wedding photos.

(While they, like the feminists mentioned, also look like petty whiners who spend energy decrying not getting a cake from one ignorant baker while turning a blind eye to Muslim cultures that actively kill gays. Not to mention also ignoring the basic principles of property rights, and that gays now have the same legal marriage status across all 50 states as straight people.)

  • Blacks must scream racism every time a white cop takes action against a black individual even if it was justifiable, and then advocate for gun control to stop violence in their neighborhoods.

(They do all this while ignoring or remaining ignorant of the fact that the big government they support is what caused the ghettoization and rise of violence in American inner cities though Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society welfare programs and Nixon/Reagan’s War on Drugs.)

So please excuse me if, as a minority, I don’t want to be a political pawn that is used in aiding people that detest freedom to gain power over society. Please excuse me if, as a minority, I don’t wish to trample on the rights of others and create real resentment that could create real danger for myself as a minority.

Now, as a minority breaking away from the modern left does not automatically mean an adoption of classical liberal/libertarian values, but I think it is the most logical outcome. Libertarianism exalts the individual and their rights above all else in society and in doing so empowers people to shed off the victimhood mentality the left has for so long instilled in us, and leaves us longing for the help of the state.

After all, it is the state’s fault for most minority oppression. People have not been so successful in oppressing minorities throughout history because government has not played a large enough role in the regulation of society, but because it played too big a role. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, South African Apartheid, state-monopolizing marriage to control who could and could not wed (first interracial couples and then gay ones); the list goes on and on of state-sponsored minority suppression. How could you expect any educated member of a minority group to advocate for more state “help”?

The answer is: you couldn’t. Minorities only seek help from the state out of ignorance of the root of their suffering, and once enlightened they will throw off their chains. (After all, wasn’t this the reason slaves weren’t allowed to learn to read and write in the American South?). That is when they become a freethinker no longer susceptible to the left’s whip-cracking methods of manipulation. Once the slave knows he is an equal individual to his master, is when he runs away. We know from history that when the slaves are gone away from the plantation its scale and grandeur dwindles away, just as the scale and grandeur of government shall when we stop treating it like master.

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