Why James Weeks Should Be The Libertarian Candidate


This is satire.

The lude libertarian, the ‘airy anarchist, the nude rude diplomatic dude, the choice that’s neither left-nor-right, yet in his tight-y whites.

James Weeks, the stripping libertarian, was the best president we could have had this year.

Okay, okay, calm down, stop pimping out your candidate for a second and think. Reflect on a generation of kids guided by memes and on the pursuit of freedom; from the LGBT+ rights fighters on the left and the picturesque Pepe provocateurs on the alt-right… It’s quite clear that the outdated politics of bald white guys hunched over to discuss how we should gain morality from a holy book is dwindling.

Depending on whom you ask within the Libertarian sphere; some will argue that this is the best year ever for a Libertarian to take a shot at the White House, whereas others will argue that Gary Johnson has a very poor sense of what ‘liberty’ is and pails in comparison to the glorious reign of our almighty saviour; Ron Paul. I know that it’s silly to dwell upon what might have been, but remember that in the world we live in, which is a sea of identity politics… impressions are everything.

Trump is an evil white man in a suit, Hillary is an evil white woman, and Gary is a white man… Breaking down social barriers and cutting down the legs of the high horse on which politicians sit, is but a naked ginger man: The titular titillating and the breast man for the job… James Weeks.

Picture, if you will, a naked man on a stage…

Does this ring true to conservative right-wing ideas or sex-negative feminists on the left?


Truly, this is an expression of liberty and a result of a libertarian mindset.

Trump has no qualifications in the world of politics, so regardless of Weeks’ career choices or previous contributions to philosophy, academia or politics – his opinion should be valid.

Gary Johnson is up there representing libertarian ideals such as being for a carbon tax, questionable on firearms and overall absurd. Essentially creating a ‘Democrats + marijuana’ form for people to fill out at the ballots. The chances are, anyone with the effort to climb up on a stage at a Libertarian convention should be a better representation of we the people.

In the display of Weeks’ and in the weeks following (pun certainly intended)… People learned about him, as his outlandish antics propelled him to the same sort of media coverage that The Don might get with one of his comments. There was the basis for Libertarian coverage on the media, there was potential for a leader who wasn’t afraid to get up and do what many have wanted to do when up on stage. Trump often refers to his supporters as ‘the silent majority’, whereas it’s the silent majority that have wanted to engage in the things which would be legalised in a libertarian society, it’s the silent majority that have wanted to say what needs to be said and last, but certainly not least… it’s the silent majority that have wanted to get up and dance on stage.

If no candidate represents you properly… why not throw your vote to the Libertarian on stage with the most confidence of all? Why not go for the one whom hasn’t had a chance to voice his views, as opposed to Democratic Gary?

Free the cheeks, vote James Weeks.

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David McManus

David McManus has an extensive background in youth politics and of advocacy with regards to the libertarian and anarcho-capitalist movements. David draws his values from the works of Stirner, Hoppe and Rothbard. He is currently a student in Australia with a passion for writing, which carries into a healthy zest for liberty-based activism. Despite an aspiring career in politics, he considers himself a writer at heart with a steady niche for freelance work.