“McAfee: ‘Gringo’ A Complete Fabrication”


Early Friday, former Libertarian presidential candidate John McAfee posted an article to Medium to discuss his findings that showed that Showtime coerced people into lying about him in the new documentary Gringo.

McAfee wrote that the 9 people that gave interviews have “given sworn statements” attesting to the fact that representatives at Showtime paid them to lie about McAfee. McAfee also linked a receipt sent to Edward McKoy, McAfee’s former employee, to a transaction that shows that someone was paid $3000 for their interview. “The beauty of Western Union,” McAfee said, “is that both parties to a transaction are required to provide proof of identity. So… unless Nanette [the director of the film] can somehow convince the world that I managed to get Western Union to lie for me, which given Nanette’s world class talents in fabricating her own and others’ realities, cannot absolutely be ruled out, then I think it’s game over.” McAfee noted that if you do a bit of research you can find that Nanette “has in the past entirely fabricated documentaries.” McAfee dismissed the entire documentary as “a fabrication from beginning to end.”

He then went on to discuss the allegations of rape that were put forth against him by Allison Adonizio. McAfee postulated that she was more of a partier than a worker when working under McAfee, and that he fired her as a result. He stated that Allison also had an affair with Jeff Wise, another key creator of the documentary, in Belize. These could be motivations for her allegations, McAfee subtly asserted.

In rounding out his theories, McAfee speculated that Wise might be in cahoots with the head of Belize’s Gang Suppression Unit: Marco Vidal, the same man who shot up McAfee’s Belize home, killing his dog and destroying his property. McAfee described Vidal as his “archenemy,” and said that Vidal would “would pluck out his own eyes to get me back to Belize and sitting in his torture chair.”

At the end of the piece, McAfee requested that Showtime “show some grace and simply pay [him] without the formality of having to deal with lawyers,” and asked for a sum of $500 million.

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