Vohra: “I Haven’t Ruled Out 2020 Presidential Run”



“It’s really a two part thing. One: You need to eliminate all federal welfare. And I don’t just mean traditional things like food stamps and SNAP and TANF. Those absolutely need to go, but I mean all federal welfare. Public schooling, it needs to go. Public universities […] all of that needs to go before, or concurrent with, open borders. […] Then the only people are coming in are coming here to work,” said Arvin Vohra, the national Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party, in this edition of Being Libertarian Presents.

The interview discussed many topics including the Gary Johnson campaign, a potential 2020 run for president, 2018 hopes, borders and the welfare state, the Commission on Presidential Debates, competition and prices, and the detriments of taxation.

The Libertarian Party presidential campaign “is a lot cleverer than what people often see, because they’re doing really two separate strategies,” which are trying to get into the debates, and trying to spread their ideas on social media. Since the interview took place, Johnson has been disqualified from the third and final debate, but even so, Vohra stressed here that social media has been a success for the Johnson campaign.

“Education and liberty go very closely together,” Vohra noted in discussing his other passion – education. “I’ve seen how much damage government is doing to education,” Vohra asserted, “a lot of our government policies are doing so much damage.”

The full interview can be heard above.

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